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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The most devastating day of the year...
On Dec 11th, I lost my grandma. She passed away on her sleep, and all of us are fell on a deepest grieve. It was my mom who were the saddest of all, since granny is her mom.
It was happened so fast; one night granny went to bed, and she didn't weak up the next morning. Granny was living at my mom's, so my mom was sooo hysterical when she found out that one morning her mom did not wake up as usual. The house suddenly got on depressed aura; cries and tears were everywhere.
My deepest regret is, since I got married and moved out from my mom's, I didn't take many chances to visit granny while she was alive. I didn't try to treat her much better; paid her an attention that I knew I could've had given her more than I already gave. And now that she's gone, I just realized how much I missed her in my life.
But she passed away in peace; even though she didn't give us, her daughter and grand-daughter, any notices and wills before her pass, we would always knew that she always wish us for the best of life. And now, we are praying for her eternal sleep on God's hands, may she rest in peace and be seated at the most precious site on heaven.

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