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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


For you Aiko-chan!!!!! XDDDDDD!! THOSE ANIMALS ARE SO FUCKING FUNNY!! THEY MAKE ME WANNA MERGE WITHOUT LOOKING!!!!! -car explodes- ALRIGHT!!!!! XDDDDDDDD!!!!! i'm emo and hyper...O___________O;;

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Friday, February 22, 2008

..::Guess who's back?::..

Hey guys, I am feeling a bit better. Yep, It's Friday and you know what that means, news Organization XIII videos that i love!!! The audio is from Red V.s. Blue and i don't know who that is or what that is but appearantly it's a video game paraody thingy. And with new things comes a new duh duh da duh!! layout. It's a emo Roxas theme, next time i hope for a happier theme >>;; but i like this one so i'm keeping it for a while or until i get tired of it ^^;;. ACen is soon everyone!! Only what 84 days? the website is here -CLICK- look around go to the forums have a blast and for Kingdom Hearts news go here -CLICK- and register at the forums if your a KH fan like me!! i'm Kawaii_KeybladeXIII on both forums. Well it's time for me to depart i am sorry everyone i am sick seems like everyone is now..Damn weather. Oh well see ya next time!!!
Enjoy the vids!!!

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..::Gomenasai minna-san!!!!::..

I'm so sorry everyone, i've been very ill and needed to break from posting. Even now i'm still sick...but i'm school now so i can't post any new videos for you. I will later though...^^ I have to go. bye.

and yes Aiko-chan is addicted to Organization XIII thanks to me. ^^ Organization XIII=<3

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

::Very sad::

Y'know...I've learned lesson within these past few days that DON'T EVER MAKE AN ACCOUNT WITH FRIENDSTER.COM. I swear it killed my computer, and this is my parents computer which if it dies i do too. The virsues have basically killed my paintshop pro program so know i can't make wallpapers anymore -cries-. Or edit and pics i did or for my roleplay myspace account. This sucks ASS!!!! -sighs- And the boy i loved well...hates me. So yet again i'm single >>;; Another lonely Valentines......oh well. Not like i care. I have my Roxas, Demyx, and Axel to cheer me up. ^___^ YAY!!! ACen isn't too far only 99 more days -dances- I'm making videos of the whole thing and putting them on YouTube for everyone to see the adventures of 5 Organization XIII cosplayers in an anime con. possibilly getting lost find the hotel and causing hell for everyone. MHAHAHA!!!!! On a lighter note....I leave you with this video of amusement. Love it or Larxene will kill a kitten, please think of the kittens. :( Byez!!

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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

School is boring.....

Need something to do...the teacher is boring me...animation class is so booooring......-sighs- let me out...why won't this damn clock ring already?...ahhhhh......ER...Sorry. ^^;; I'm so bored so i posted this. >>;; I KNOW. SHUT UP. XP.

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Monday, February 4, 2008

::School Otaku friends desu ka?::

Okay so this is good, all my school friends..well most of them, are making Otaku accounts!!!! YAY!!!! Next me and Aiko have to get Haruko,Alex, and a few others to make one!!! YAY!!! no one touch Alex.....T.T;;. mine. Nuff said. More later......


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