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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Snow... so beautiful... glistening in the snow... *sigh*
My weekend is awesome so far.
Michael and Ariel came over Friday and we hung out and Watched movies... Jeff Dunham, Nightmare before christmas and 50 first dates.
Anyways... ^^ I think Michael might like me!
I'm so happy... ya see I dont get guy attention.. like ever... cause in my opinion I'm not the prettiest... but we just clicked and he likes fourwheelin and computer and ... just.. ah.. its aweome...
lol. I'm a spaz.
Well I'm gonna go... hopefully he comes over later!
1) If you went outside with a guy and your dog to take a walk, what would you do? (if your a guy then put girl where I said guy)
2) If your mom has a big mouth and talked to a guy you like's mom and his mom called you a chicken cause you wont say anything, what would you do?
3) An easier one now, how can you tell if someone really likes you? (like not just as a friend)

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