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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Sat. afternoon I went to my friend Manne's family reunion because they consider us family and they also consider nates family family... heh. Anyways I guess his family's been buggin about us and he flipped out on them.. so he was in a bad mood. Well I was all happy that I got to go and see him and then I got the cold shoulder. He wouldnt talk to me. I was crushed.
Well.. anyways I emailed him later that say and asked if he was mad at me and if not what was up. He email back saying he was sorry like a 100 times ^^ I was so happy. He wasn't mad at me it was just his parents sayin he was lying to them about us and all this other crap. So he's going to call me tomorrow and I'll figured it all out. But I was so happy he wasn't mad at me.
Have any of you had the feeling that your heart had just been torn out because someone u love ignored you or something along those lines... well that was me.
Gotta go ... still grounded. Tomorrow is the last day!! ^^

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