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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Sry... I'm really hyper. Me and Nate just got back from fourwheeling pretty much all day with christy and stacy. But they quit halfway through. It was awesome. I have a 350 Arti Cat manual foot shift... and the one that he's been ridin is a 400 Arti Cat auto... AND MINE KICKED HIS ASRE!!!MWAH HAHAHAHAHA.... sry. The 400 is only faster on straightaways cause I have to shift but throught the trails I lose his sorry butt. It's so great. So he thought that he could ride mine and not get stuck. (Cause I can) So he goes through the deepest part in 2 wheeldrive like a told him to (cause I wanted him to get stuck and unstuck himslef...) And he got stuck like planned... but then stupid couldn't get it out. So I had to tredge through the friggin mud to help him... well he had one side in the air and the other one completely under the mud... I couldn't even get it out. So my poor fourwheeler is sitting in the mud swamo thing right now til tomorrow when theres some light so I can see.
Oh well it was fun. ^^
My mom is leaving for her trip tomorrow at like 5 in the morning... but thats okay.. mom needs the vacation.
I'm gonna jet now... so... LATER EVERYONE!!!

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