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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

   ^^ OMG This is sooo great!!
Okay... My brother left this morning around 4:30 hehehe and It's been pretty peaceful aside the fact that I had to listen to my sister all day.
We went to My nan. and pups. and saw they're new puppy... its soo adorable, his name's Rhowdi (sounds like rowdy)and it fits... until he gets tired then he just conks out. It's wicked cute.
And that brings me to my other awesome news!!
I'm getting a puppy tomorrow!! It's going to be a little girl pup... German Shepard from the same mother of Rhowdi... I wanna name her Roxi but my mom says my dad gets to name her. Which stinks cause I wanna. Oh well. And they bought her a aweful pink collar/leash set... s=which sucks cause I hate pink but mom says shes a girl and pinks a girl color, I tried to convince her that so was blue but she refused... I hate Pink. AH! I HATE PINK!! *throws random pink item* GRAHHHH!!
Okay.. I'm okay. *twitch* ... Pink... *twitch*
Well I'll talk to ya'll later.. tell ya how the puppy is and such... ^^

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