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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thats How I feel right now.. Meh.
I have no friends over... and my brother is slinking around making queer noises... my little sis is down stairs with my mom and dad in mom's craft room... and here I am.. sittin here.. I was reading Shakespeare... yea I'm 14 and I'm readin Shakespeare, over my summer vacation not forced either.And worse yet I understand a lot of it. (Hamlet)
I need help, mental that is, I guess.
Today I got to go to ACMoore and spend my money on scraping stuff.. but still had some leftover for a run to the bookstore.. Hehehe.. I got to new Manga's (Her Majesty's Dog 3 and KamaKaze 1) so I was all happy. And then we went out to eat at Old Country buffet.. which I pretty much go for the Mac and Cheese and desserts.. they have the best apple stuff... heh. Then I went to the Library and got Shakespeare and a few other books. Yes I'm crazy, I write and read all summer. But that only in my spare time. I fourwheel most of the summer. And swim... swimming is fun and I try to swim atleast 1-2 times a week with the exception of some days. Fun fun. Or I'm playin Video Games.. I like those. Ratchet and Clank is the best. Even if it's not as cool as other games, I just don't have the friggin 50 bucks to buy a new anime VG every month, cause I find those ones to easy. No offense to ppl that like them.
Well.. I'm gonna go on Gaia and see if I have a PM or anything on there.. and then to trupoets. Like I always do. Later ppl.

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