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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hi everyone! Just stoppin to say 'hi' and letcha know that I'm not dead and that I probably won't be on a lot for like the next month...
I have a friend that moved done to florida 5 years ago and they are moving back up here. So while her twin sister stays with her gram she's going to stay with us til the end of the month when her mom gets up here...
I'm glad they are comin back up. ^^
I got my ipod in the mail friday.. got a buncha songs on it already but no wheres near as many as I'm gonna put on it. Cause I had to stop downloading them yesterday cause I had to go to my dad's house. But I can't wait to get everything on that stupid little expensive pain in the butt. lol.
I'll talk to ya'll later. I gotta go catch FMA in like 15 mins.. and I have mail to check and Gaia stuff to attend to. Later!!

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