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Monday, July 10, 2006

   Hiya ppl...
Hi everyone! How are you?
My Birthday turned out awesome. I had abuncha friends stay the night and we stayed up til 4:30 .. when my mom came down and said I wouldn't be able to have that many ppl over ever again.. then we all kinda random fell asleep.. kinda like dominoes.. cause one person fell asleep and then , you get the point.. I was second to last. My brother was first.. go figure... Then poor nate. He had a allstar game, which he won, so he was wicked tired anyways. But we all had fun.. then Ma-san's mommy took her to church and brit's dad took her home and tippy got to stay and so did manda-san. Nate left around 2 or 3 and unfortunitly bro is here for a while.
Not that I have a problem with him or anything.. *COUGH*
I got a buncha cool games and a few anime dvds. Lots of paper and pencils like I asked for and a buncha stuff I didn't.
Well... I just wanted to see how everyone is, letcha know I'm alive and tell ya how it went. Laters!

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