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Thursday, June 29, 2006

   GAH! ..... hi.... I'm hyper....
'ello ppl! I'm like so hyper I can't type... jksghuihe.... see. Okay.. well I don't hsve much to say today. Umm...
I'm still stuck at camp... for a extra week. Yay for me. So I'm lucky I'm even here. Online, right now.
Nate's been with us since monday... ^^ but we've been at camp so its not like anything happened or anything.... hehe.
I found out that he's is part fishy like me! (not literally) He loves to swim too.. so we've been in the lake a lot.
Theres this dock way out in the lake (not to far) and we swam there like a hundred times and one time we were halfway back and he's like I'm gonna have a freakin heartattack. Cause he was tired and he kept swallowing nasty lake water. It was funny tho. Cause I'm like I can't save you til I can touch bottom... so wait to have your heartattack for a few more seconds. We had a good laugh outta that one.
Well... more news... *scratches head* Oh my nannie (grandmother but I call her nannie... tho I don't remember why...) signed up on Otaku.. shes cool like that. (Uekiya) So... go visit her and yea... lol
Well I gotta go and take a long relaxing shower before I go back to camp cause the camp showers suck.
Talk to ya'll later!!!!!
-NekoChan ^^

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