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Thursday, June 22, 2006

   Camping... dance news and other stuff to ramble on about....
'Ello... hows everyone?
I've been at camp for like evers... And today I'm gonna be home for a bit cause my moms gotta work and it was staying here and goin online or staying at camp and be all alone with nothing to do.
A easy choice to make cause I needed to go on here and update, check my mail etc.
Well I think I told ya Canabie Lake was really cool.
The Graduation thinger went well. ^_^ I graduated!! Tho I still haven't checked the grades I passed with... hmm... gotta do that soon. The dance sucked... I didn't get my slow dance like I'd hoped for but I did get Maggie to go cause she doesn't usually do dances cause she isn't into guys or anything like that. And she had a blast. I got to dance the nightaway otherwise. hehe. Fast songs are the best.
Last day was awesome... I got a buncha signatures on my shirt cause I didn't get a year book. And Derek and DJ actually signed my shirt... hehehe (Derek is shy and DJ use to like hate me and now he signed it 'Love DJ' Not taking anything by that but atleast he aint mad about what I did to him.....)
Lets see... other interseting news.... Oh yea.
My Aunt Lisa might be moving back in with us cause of trouble with her bf. So that'll make two extra house guests. And most likely more chores for me. yay....
Well I'm off to visit a few ppl and then I might come back if I remember anything.
-NekoChan ^///^
PS There were these huges storms the other day and there was hail about the size of golf balls!! It was creepy!

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