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Monday, June 19, 2006

   YAY!! Happy 69th GB signature for me!! heh.
Well I have 69 GB signatures... about 19 more than I ever prayed I get (actually I dont pray)!
Hows everyone!?
Okay.. I'm really hyper and stuff... I have graduation in like and 1 1/2 hours and I'm not ready at all. My dress isn't fitting properly (showing to much clevage)and I don't have a white bra. And all the guys out there that read this sorry.. you didn't need to know. But thats the curse on my moms side (even tho it skipped my nannie) hehehe.
Canabie lake was great! The teachers didn't act like teacher and we all had lots of fun. Got a little wet. (HEH) White tank top, blue bra and green overshirt... was very intersteig... I think DJ might've saw.. (Not good ::blush::)
ANYWHO..... I'm gonna go before I type the living (not living) Daylights out of my ekyboard and spill my deepest darkest secrets cause thats how I am when I get nervous and exicted at the same time!!!
Ps Theres a dance after the graduiation part and I hope that I actually get to dance for the first time since I've been in Middle school.
(Yea... I'm not really popular with the guys cause I'm not some little barbie doll super model wannabe. And cause I actually have a mind of my own and don't walk around speaking in valley girl and repeat myself stupidly!)
*takes deep breath*
Okay... Laters!

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