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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

   The day after the Devils Day....
Yesterday was awesome. (666) And I hope everyone had a fairly good day as well. Or a bad day that helped fuel my good day ^_^! (I kno I'm weird your bad luck is my good luck)
It was step up day so we didn't have many classes and I left around 11:30 to get my aweful braces off in exchange for a stupid and very painful retainer. But thats okay cause I got chinese food at my favorite restraunt. (Panda Garden) Then I went shopping for a graduation dress.... yay. I wanted these really awesome pant thingers and a the top to go with but it added up to $100 and my mum wouldn't let me get it. So I got a white dress.. not a really dressy dress but it'll work, cause I hate dresses. I'm not a very girly-girly like most ppl.
Then I got to have Nate come over and he hung out for a bit. Went fourwheelin and he almost killed himself being to cocky for his own good. We called my slow and went over this huge bump and the front wheel went up and onto a tree and almost flipped it. If it weren't for some help *cough cough* he would've been crushed. Went inside after his little scare and hung out in my room and messed around. (not pervertedly tippy or any perves out there)
A while back he found out that I had wrote something about him in my journal and he really wants to know. (cause he's nosey like that jkjk lol) So every time he comes he figures out my new hiding place for it and manages almost to read it before I steal it back.
Guys have you ever read a girls diary? (sisters not included) Girls, have your bf ever read your diary? Do ya'll think I should let him read it?
Well... its pouring outside right now again. You'd think we'd be under friggin water by now.
I stayed home today cause of my god aweful retainer wouldn't let my sleep. I had a major headache when I woke up and I was all light headed... hopefully I didn't miss anything important.
If I don't get around to getting back on til this weekend, Nate is supposed to come over and stay the weekend. (Looking forward to that)
And I hope all of you have a good week and a good weekend.
I'm gonna try to go visit and then I gotta go!

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