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Monday, May 29, 2006

   ^_^ Camp!
I had so much fun at camp!! (Hope ya'll had a good weekend)
Okay, my mom decided that Tippy could come with me all weekend and hang out and camp with us! So we had lotsa fun. Catching minnows (Not as easy as it sounds without nets or anything... but then we went to the store there and got some), there was a dance sat. so we went to that, and on sun. night there was a game thinger called the price is right. And that was fun... And we swam a lot!!
It was great!
And there was this guy name Perry... actually I should say kid cause he was a year younger and .. well.. yea. Anyways he's one of Tippy's Ex's cousins and she knew him so when he was on the dock with us and he didn't know who we were and Tippy was like 'OMG Perry Stone?!' And he was like 'Holy Sh*t how'd you know my name?!' It was really funny and we ended up hanging out with him cause he like followed us everywheres.
And we played Pool and then Perry challenged us to a game and said that he could beat us so it was me and tippers against perry and even tho we suck and only play online we kicked his arse! It was awesome... Heh.
Anyways I had fun at camp and we just got back like a hour ago and its really hot in my room so I nee to open the windows....
So... Laters!

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