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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   Oreos and Ramen and other things too
Mmm... I have Oreos... I love oreos..(I'm still outta it) I like Ramen too... I had some of that earlier.
Heres some things I enjoy: I enjoy eating ramen, takin long fourwheeler rides, poking people and playing Ratchet on the PS2. (all of them execpt the 1st one.. that one sux)
But those are only a few things... I like being online and talkin on the phone... listening to music, reading, writing and keeping the demon population down in my area.... swimming, building little look outs randomly in the woods... And a buncha other things... Oh yea.. and eating. I like to eat.. which probably explains why I hate myself sometimes... hmmm.. why don't I tell you about somethings I hate ...
I hate when skinny little supermodel wanna-bes say their fat, or just skinny ppl in general.. cause it makes me feel huge. (Tho I'm not really that big...just not skinny)I hate ppl who lie and ppl that like to cut down forests.. (No I'm not a tree hugger) and I hate onions... they are nasty... along with a buncha other veggies and fruits.. God, Ihate a lot of things if I think about it.
Well... I'm gonna go now.. Hope ya'll are still having a good day...

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