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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I needed a site change.. it's been the other way since I signed up...
Sooo.... hows everyone doing? I'm bored..
I'm getting back into my summer habits... Like I don't wanna work and if I can force myself to sit and try to work it never really happens. My mind wanders. There so many other things I want to do I can't focus. Lets see... another summer habit... Oh! I ate like 13 or so freezer pops... usually in the summer my mom has to buy like 3 boxes of freezer pops everytime she goes to ther store.
I can't wait to go camping. I wanna go swimming! Hehehehehe... WATER! Sorry.. I love swimming and water... in pretty much any form. Water fights are the bomb. And mud fights...
Okay.. well I'm at my dads so I'll like tell ya what happened thursday/friday tomorrow... or whenever I can. Yea. Okay... well Later people!

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