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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

   uhhhh... sickness......
I hate being sick Hope ya'll have had a good day.
I'm out sick today... woke up with a bloody nose, pounding headache and double-ya-over cramps. yay for me. So my mom said that I could dtay home. I hate being sick... did I mention that.
OOPS!! I still have tea on... that'll be hot! brb..ahhhhh, nice hot tea. It'll cure anything that ails you. hehe. And if this doesn't friggin work then I have cider in the other room just waiting to be made...
I had a good weekend. Nate came over friday after Maggers left and he stayed all weekend. I'll shy away from the details of what happened the whole weekend cause I don't wanna bore you. (Tippers and other close personal friends you can ask me sometime) But nothing bad happened. And I promised myself that I'm going to try to wait 'til I'm married. If ya get what I mean... (why did I say that?... only some one super dense wouldn't know what I'm talking about... whatever..) Heh.. sorry I tend to talk to my self when I'm sick. Okay.. make that all the time.
Well.. I gotta go visit ppl and see what everyone else is up too... Laters for now ppl!!

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