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Friday, May 12, 2006

Well I hope everyone has had a wonderful friday. I sorta did I guess. Heh. Well to start out I have to tell ya, I survived the Museum of Me crap thinger and I actually did well. I took Ouroboros advice (sorry if I spelled it wrong my memory sucks sometimes) and imagined the sevies arms falling off and them not noticing. Heh. And then that wore off and I made them wear chicken suits in my mind... That was a laugh fore sure. I think I passed atleast.
Okay, today I had to watch the rest of the other ppls Museum of Me's and I ust happened to be in all the same ones as that hot gimp I was telling you about. And I think he noticed me today!! YAY!

Well I gotta go because Nate is here now so TTYL!
Ps Type later!

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