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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

   .... *twitch* .....
Alright... Hope ya'll are having a good week.
Oh yea did I tell you whats going to happen tomorrow that I'm dreading? Nope guess not. Well lucky me has to present this really stupid thing called the Museum of Me. In front of a buncha people, most of which I hate because they pick on me or my friends or they just don't like me in general. I'm just jumping for joy. YEA RIGHT!
Earlier I was crying because I can't freakin do this! I hate presenting and I hate this stupid project.
Ok... feeling a bit better....
If I'm still alive tomorrow I'll tell ya all about it. Maybe. Depends how miserably I fall on my arse. heh.
Hopefully my friend Nate doesn't have a game or practice (baseball) tomorrow cause I haven't seen him for more than 5 minutes since that weekend he stayed over. *sniff* Which sux! Ok.. I'm alright now.
OMG One of my not really guy friends, (meaning he doesn't really know I exist but I hang out with his group sometimes.) was playin basketball and he like broke his ankle. It's really sad. But I must say, he's aweful cute gimping around on crutches, so pathetic and defenseless. *licks lips* Best time to attack for BLOOD!! HAHAHAHA!
Sorry. I'm hyper. Hehehehe. I wouldn't really attack him.
Well... I gotta go now. Prepare my Museum of Me... TTYL!

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