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Sunday, May 7, 2006

   Have a good weekend?
Now.. did everyone have a good weekend?

My weekend was the normal go to my dads and hang out with him and his girlfriend. We went Disc Golfing again.. which by the way is really awesome. So if any of you who are bored on the weekend, like to try new sports, and have on in your area you should go try it. It's really fun and trust me you get a fairly good workout just walking around the course. The rules are similar to golf, and instead of hitting a little ball on a stick your throwing a disc (frisbee). Its just so awesome.
Anyways my weekend was layed back other than that. Umm.. oh and on friday I was lectured about online predetors by my mom who saw that I was talking to a friend from Otaku. She kinda freaks out like that. But one does have to wonder I guess. Well.. I'm kinda bored. So I'm gonna jet. Later!
Ps ... so alone... *sigh* I'm really bored right now. Hopefully Nate gets back from Vermont soon. That way he can make it to his game and then he can come here and hang! Hehehehe.

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