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Friday, May 5, 2006

Well... I think I'm going to change my font color and stuff... but the backkground stays black!

I'm so bored. I go on Otaku alomst everyday and I still dont get many posts.... I have had this one post up for a week and nobody has said anyhting.. I mean I know that I aint that important but 1 or 2 posts every once in a while aint that much to ask for is it?

The main reason I even post on Otaku is because I dont really have anyone else to dump my boring day on. Heck, I have friends but that doesn't mean they listen. No offense to any of my friends that read this but seriously, I wanna talk about something and sometimes ya'll just dont listen. Yea know just forget that I said anything.

Hope everyone has a good day I guess.


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