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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Well Hoppy Easter to everyone! I hope you day is going better than mine. All of the people who love me and actually read my post mabobs know that I am on Vacation in Georgia, so I'm in Georgia with all of my step-dads side of the family. yay, lucky me. I mean heck some of them are really nice, others are literally crazy and the rest are either snobby, or mean. Well we're having Easter supper right now, we invited a few of the family and we made enough for those few people, which it turns out they all brought a few ppl without tellin us. So we have a crap load of ppl with just enough food for everyone to have some and no seconds. Which heck, isn't that big of a deal, but we are havin this party in a friggin trailor!!! There are about 7 kids running around, countless adults gettin drunk, those who are sober are pissed at the drunks, some of my older cousins are tired so they are cranky, then my youngest older cousin (if that makes sense) is all over his girl friend, which 4 years younger than him and if he ever tried something could go to jail, who was not invited and myself who is starting to have a anxiety attack cause there are way to many ppl. In this tiny little trailor!!!! So luckily I have a little peice and quiet in my mom's camper (that we brought down on our trip) typing this p before I have to go back to that hell hole. Actually no hell is better than this place!! I don'tbelong at all! I'm a Greco! Not a friggin Tompkins!!!!!!! And if there is some insane person that is going to try and track me down, you aint gonna find me cause I used a fake name! HAHAHAHAHAAHHA!! In yo stupid, fat, ugly face!!!! sorry ppl I'm not doin to well right now. I'll type later.

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