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Thursday, April 5, 2007

   Snow again.... > <
Well I've been home for a while and there is plenty of dramam here too. Its a snow day today... which sucks cuz I hate snow. And its supposed to be spring and its almost the weekend which means easter and you dont have snow on easter!! RAR
There is no easter bunny at our house this year... it'll be the easter buubby! ^^ Which is my chihuahua's nickname. (yea its supposed to be spelled with two u's cuz if not itd by bubbie)
Anyways. I decided to do my report on shelter dogs and I have more reports to write... >< So much work!! I'm going to go and write up a draft for tomorrow or my teacher will kill me! lol ;p
I dont really care for him much. Oh well.
Check out my poetry sometime if you get a min. Its not horrible but I dont think its terrific either. But there are ppl on Trupoets.com that are amazing!
My name on there is NekoChan713 too... so it wont be hard to find me. Just dont read my early writes cuz they really suck!
PS How is everyone elses life going? Any good weather for any of you!?

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