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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 03/10/06:

Result Posted on 03/10/06:

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What Personality Do You Have?
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Result Posted on 03/10/06:

Your element is earth: Wise, solitary, mysterious
and loving. You are very wise. Your wise as
in you know things others do not. You can see
past the stereotypes and see the real people
behind their facades, people will often come
to you for help and advice. Quite solitary
and somewhat shy around people because you
prefer animals and plants. Animals aren't
afraid to show themselves or what they are
feeling and plants are fun to nurture. You
are very strong in your silence, if you set
your mind on something you will often times
pursue it to the end. Sometimes you just want
to get away, so you seek refuge in the forest
where you can have time to think and try to
sort out your emotions. The sound of the wind
usually calms you, especially moving through
the trees. Life to you is something precious
and should not be taken for granted.

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Result Posted on 03/10/06:

you are a shadowed image...lost within time you are so confused about the pressures of life that it seems you should just let go...perhaps you should try and hold on...and view the world be
...tears within

Who Are You From Within? (Anime Images used)
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Result Posted on 03/10/06:

Your motto is the same as Juna from the anime
"Earth Maiden Arjuna"! You love
earthy stuff and feel connected to every
living thing on Earth. Both of you have the
motto to protect the Earth!

What's Your Inner Anime Motto?
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Result Posted on 12/29/05:

alt="Image hosted by

Result Posted on 12/29/05:



Ability: Dreams can
tell you many things and not only the future.
Druids in the ancient celtic times thought they
could find out conclusions and answers through
dreams. They layed down on rowan branches with
a bull's hide wrapped around them and through
that dreams the spirits could tell them what to
do. Things changed though and many oppinions
about dreams have been mixed with others.
Nowadays many people want to find out what
their dreams mean but can't find many people
who actually have the ability to interpert
them. You, my dear friend, have the pure talent
to do that. You are unique in your own

Personality: You like new
things, extraordinary things. Adventuring and
exploring places are your favourite things to
do. It is almost like living in your own little
world. You will yet get lots to see, if you
continue like this.

Best copable

Result Posted on 10/14/05:

You're a one winged Angel
You're a one winged Angel!

..: What kind of Angel are you? :.. ( Anime Pictures )
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Result Posted on 10/14/05:

Result Posted on 10/03/05:

Yu Yu Hakusho Sleepover!(For Girls) by yuyugal
What HappenedYou sang a song
With WhoKurama
What song you all danced toTurn Me On
Who you kissedHiei
Who ended up with a crush on youKuwabara
Who hurt Kuwabara(Slap,Punch,Kill)Keiko
Who's houseYusuke's
Went to bed at11:00
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