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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Hey everybody! Long time no see!!! Sorry I haven't been on in so long. It's a long story that I'm going to explain in this post so read if you want to but I'm not going to make you in fact you can skip over it if you want :D. Well here it goes...

I was loading some stuff onto my comp and my real player said that it needed an update while I was on the comp and I thought 'Sure why not, it should be done loading by the time I get out of school' So I just left my internet loading this upgrade. Turns out it was a virus I was loading ^^;;. When I got home I noticed that it was a virus and tried to get it off with our expired Norton Anti Virus... turns out that didn't work because it was, well, expired. So the next day I went to my grandma's house and asked her if she would loan me the money to go buy a new Norton before my dad found out that the comp had a virus on it. She lent me the money and I got it, but turns out my computer wont read CD/CD-Rom disks but will still read DVD's. And because it wont read the CD I couldn't install Norton on the computer. I was planning on taking the comp into some experts to see why it wouldn't read the disk. But I didn't have a free day to do that for a while due to school, college, and my new job. So I was going to take it sometime this week. But my dad just happened to get on the computer one time when I was gone and found out that there was a virus on it. He started blaming my brother for doing something wrong with the comp. And I told him that I bought Norton to fix the comp but it wouldn't read the disk. So what does my dad do? He gets on the comp when I'm not home and buy's stupid Norton online! I already had it bought and everything and I can't return it, but he did it anyways! So thats a waisted $45 that I have to pay my grandma back for. And I can barly buy gas money to get to work let alone pay her back for a product that I didn't even get to use. And I still have to take the comp in to see whats wrong with it... which means that I'll have to spend more money to get it fixed because my dad wont. He blames every little thing wrong with the comp on me and my bro, which is kind of true but we fix it! And he think's he know's everything about computers, for instance he thinks that he can fix the comp on his own. He barly know's how to turn the thing on and sign onto AOL! -sighs- Sorry about the rant I just needed to let it all out ^^.

So that is why I was off of the comp for about a month. And the other time I was off was because I was lazy :P. Well thanks for reading if you did I really apriciate it! -huggles everyone- I hope that you all had a good Turkey Day! I hope to post soon! Catch ya later!

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Muwahahaha another AMV! Lol I'm so obsessed with them :P.
(Don't watch after the words at the end of the song... it's just blackness for about 5 min ^^;;)
Poets of the Fall - Sleep

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