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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Late Happy Birthday To Me!
Thank you everyone who wished me a happy B-day!!! -huggles- I am offically 18 :D!! I had a pretty awesome b-day! I slept in till 11 am then I got around and went to my grandmas watched the movie that she got me and then went out to Genji's to eat! It was really awesome. And for those who don't know Genji's is a Japanese Steak House!!! And they cook the food right infront of you!! It was soooo awesome!!! It was only my second time going there but it's sooo good and it's so much fun to go there. And I guess from what my cousin was saying was that they cook was flurting with me. I didn't even know it, lol, I'm so clueless. Oh well anyways to sum it all up I loved my b-day this year!!! And thank you soooo much again to everyone who wished me a happy b-day it really made my day that you thought of me :D!!! Well that is all I'll catch you all later!!!!

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What's your fav anime?

Yet another HxH AMV! Well I should say yet another Killua AMV lol.
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