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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hey everyone itís me once again lol. Iím back for yet another post which Iím sure you missed. Just kidding. Youíre probably like, no not another post to read today T.T. Hehe I just wanted to post today cause I had something to say... finally, lol. I started my college classes today. Theyíre a lot of fun ^^! I have American Sign Language 2 and Astronomy. They are defiantly going to hurt my brain and make me think though ^^;;;. High school classes start on September 5th. I donít really like my classes but whatever. Life will go on :P. Hmm lets see what else. I started another site XD. This one is at gaiaonline.com itís an all right thing I guess. Just something to pass the time. If youíre a member or become a member you should add me Iím Rurouni_Imiko. Lets see what else... As you all know I am a member at myspace. But what most of you donít know is that Iím making layouts for the site now. Here are the picís of them

Theyíre a little blurry because I saved the pics as jpeg but they look a lot better in real life :D. I know you probably donít care to see stuff about myspace. But I was excited that I made them all by myself ^^. If you are on myspace and want one just ask and I shall give you the code for it :D. Okay back onto other subjects... I have jammed my finger and it hurts, lol! Nothing to worry about though ^^. It will heal in another week or two... I hope lol. Iíll be getting my car tomorrow hopefully! My first one! Itís old and smells really bad but it will work ^^. And getting my car means I shall finally be able to get a job ^^. Yay ^^. I love to work. Weird I know, lol. Well I have written quite a long post so I shall stop it here. I hope you have lots of fun reading this ^^. And I hope to see you all soon!

Oh wait before I go there is one more thing... I might be moving from my house soon. We donít know where weíre going to live, and I might not be able to get on as much. So if you donít hear from me for a while now you know why... It probably wont be for a couple more months but I just wanted to give you the heads up...

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HunterxHunter AMV... well actually more like a Killua AMV but whatever :P
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