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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well hello everyone! It seems like forever since I've been on myo! Been busy with life I suppose, lol. It is good to update every once in a while... so everyone knows I'm still alive :P. I miss all of you. And thank you for all the people that left me comments while I was away!

Hiei: Hn, it appears you actually do have friends.

>.> Of course I do! I think he missed you guys as well ^^.

Hiei: Nonsence...

See! He does miss you guys! And Yukina has missed you all as well! She's not here at the moment but she sends her love to you all. Isn't she so sweet! Hmm anyways, this will probably be one of the few posts I'll post a year but I might start becoming more active on here again... once I get internet at home >.>. I should say "IF" I ever get internet at home... I'm posting while at work right now XD. And Hiei is somewhat keeping me company... as much as he knows how anyway, hehe. Well it was nice chatting with you all again! I really hope to be back again soon! Till then!

~Ja ne minna-san!

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