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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Well I'm back and I've actually made it for an update that isn't too far off of my last one :P. Lol.

And as for what's been happening in my life well... I graduated from High School in May and am now attending college and I work at the college as well. Although if you ask I won't tell you where I attend :P. Hehe. School is pretty difficult but only because I don't do my hwk till it's late ^^;. My cousin's wedding is today. I hope it isn't too long I swear I have ADD or something, I can't sit around too long for anything, lol. I found out how to get a hold of my fav VA, Chuck Huber. And then finally yesterday had the guts to leave him a comment XD. I'm a dork yes I know.

Hiei: You can say that again...

>.> I already admitted to it why do you have to be so mean?

Hiei: ...

Fine!!!!! Anyways... ^^;. I've really been trying to draw again, although it isn't going all that well. Most of the time I can't draw and it's bothering me -.-. Oh well. Lets see... Oh my classes in college are...

>2-Dimensional Design
>American Sign Language III

Yup those are my classes. Well I'll let all of you go for now. I hope you all have a great day! Byes!

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