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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

   Don't know what to write
Image hosting by PhotobucketHey, I'm here and existing....thats all. That's life. Tomorrow I'm leaving for Coloado! Can't wait. Only the flight is five hours and I know it will be very boring. That's life!
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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

   Merry christmas!!
Image hosting by PhotobucketHey, five days till christmas! I'm going back to my dads to celebrate christmas and I can't wait!!! But then again The airplane ride will suck monkey ass! Oh well! I can't wait!!!
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Thursday, December 15, 2005

   my friend's mom got in an accident!
Image hosting by PhotobucketOMG, my best friend's mom got in a car accident! She'll be okay but the basterd who rammed into her will have to pay for the whole front of the car to be fixed:) i know it was a bad thing but every body's okay and the car will be fixed by next week.
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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

   I can't wait till the end of school! and look at my hot fanfic!
Image hosting by PhotobucketAHHH! its driving me nuts! I can't wait ill school ends. Its so broing here!

Spike and Ritz

"Why won't you die?"

"Your blood in mine"

"We'll be fine."

"Then your body will be mine."

"I love these goths." Spike said to Jet as they wacthed the band play. The skinny teens glided over the stage while playing music. What they were wacthing was the lead singer. His long black hair and striking blue eyes was a macth for their new bounty head. The bounty head had been wanted for four years. The guy had been wanted since he was ten years old. He would now be 14 years old.

"Think thats him?" Jet asked as he sipped his beer. Spike nodded and cocked his gun. They were going to turn the young man in. They waited until after the concert and the teens went off the stage, slapping each other and whooping. They all went their separate ways, off to their homes. But one went into her ally, her hole in the world.

14 year old Ritz went into her ally tired and hungry. She knew a week old ham sandwich and a soggy bag of chips waited for her. Her blue eyes white dragon would problay eat them all but she still had something to hope for. The money from her two jobs barely paid for food for the two of them. She sighed as her baby blue eyes was leaning agsnit a building eating her sandwich. The chip bag lay there in a puddle. She sighed again, feeling her stomach growel. Anthor day of no food.

She laid down on the ratty sheets. She tried to find a comfortable postion but it was in vain. Tunder layed down beside her. She laid out a little piece of the snadwich for Ritz to eat. Ritz smiled at her baby and ate the little bit of sandwich. She yawned and fell asleep a couple mintues later. Jet and spike finally found her. They were shoked to see her sleeping in an ally. They could tell she wasn't passed out but sleeping pceaefully among all the filth.

They decided to get her. Spike picked her up without any stuggle. The blue eyes white dragon still seplt there, streched out, claws looking for a warm body to hold. Jet and Spike truned away from the blue eyes and left the ally. Spike jumped when he felt Ritz move. She cuddled agansit his chest, feeling his body heat warm her from the cold fall night. "Hey, jet, ya think this guys gay?" Spike asked. jet shrugged. "Its a cold night. Hes problay thinking, 'oh,warmth, I'm cold'" Jet said, an amused smile on his face. The turth was he was amused by the young man. If he didn't know better, he would think this was a girl.

Ritz finally woke up. She felt someone carrying her somewhere. She groggily looked up at the person and srceamed. This was a bounty hunter like her father warned her. She stuggled, falling from the guys arms. she scambled to her feet and ran before they could cacth her. Jet cursed and fired at her. The bullet hit her in the side, near her breasts. It was three inchs away from her herat. She gasped and slumped to the floor.

Jet and spike finally got her to the ship. They police wanted her alive and they knew she counld'nt die. They dropped her off at on the couch. Faye got a first aid from the bathroom. "I'll take care of this guy. You guys were the one who fucked him up." She said, unbuttoning Ritz's shrit. She pulled the shrit apart and srcreamed. She was a girl! "spike, Jet, he is a she." She said. They ran over and stopped. They all stared at Ritz until she woke up. Ritz sat up despite the wound. She looked down at herself then at them.

She sreacmed and jumped off the couch, holding her shrit closed. She fell to the floor and heaved for breath. Jet threw her back on the couch and held her down as they fixed the wound. She struggled and sreacmed but her pleas were unanswered. They left her afterwards to cry and wish she was anywhere but there.

They all sat around the kicten, smoking. "well what do we do now?" Faye asked. "Well we interigate her until we figure out if shes the one. We aslo have to find out where her father is." jet said. They all nodded. the girl was part of a company who stole rare animals and duel monsters and tested products ont them. The head hancho had a child who was the only living associate to the company. The bounty was set up when she was ten years old and it had been four years now.

"Poor kid, she porblay had no idea what her father did." Faye said. Jet and spike agreeded. Spike was silent the rest of the day. He still remebered the way she clung to his chest like she was holding on for dear life. She had a content smile on her face for a moment. She looked innocent. There was no way she did anything wrong. He could tell that.

Ritz woke up the next morning with Spike watching her, smoking, holding out a plate of food. She took it and thanked him. She ate fast like it was her last meal. Spike smiled at the young woman when she finally finished. "why am I here?" She finally asked. "I thought you'd never ask. Your fathers company has been wanted for four years. you are his heir. You and Daddy are wanted for ten million." He explained.

Ritz sat there, shocked. "N-no, no way. My family was dirt poor. We could'nt even get money to eat. I was thrown out at 12 because my little brother and sister needed to eat. Every mouth they come to my ally and ask for my paycheck so they can feed my little brother and sister." She snapped out at him. He seemed surprised. "So what did your parents do?" He asked. Ritz leaned back on the couch. "If you must ask then my mom went from job to job. My father made bombs in a factory. He knew it was illegal. he made me take it to the grave but I have to tell you. I knew you'd beat me out of it."

Spike said nothing for a while as she cried silently. Her story reminded him of his childhood. His father was an abusive basterd and he was glad to leave him. He nodded and puffed at his cigatte. "Ya know those will kill you right?" Ritz asked. He nodded again. "I don't care." he said to the young girl. He didn't need a lecrue from a homeless girl. "Well I think if you really didn't care, you might as well kill yourself now? If you don't care, why are you still living?" She asked him.

Spike was surprised at this scrwanie kid. Not once did any on ever tell him that. It was the reality and it was the first time he herad in come out of someones lips. He got up and left the girl to his room. He sat on his bed, smoking for a while until he finally threw his ciggatte into a waste basket.

The next few days, Ritz got acustommed to their routine and became a part of the crew. It had been unofficlay agreed that she'd stay with them. Spike watched Ritz from afar as she cooked and cleaned for the crew. Ritz had grew on him. Maybe some day, he could even say he loved her. But he seemed to be the only one who noticed the sadness in her eyes. Even when she smiled he could still see the pain in her eyes.

Two weeks after they landed on earth and a week after Ritz joined, Jet annoced they would leave for mars. Ritz gasped when she herad the news. "Wait, Jet, please, before we leave can I say good-bye?" she asked. Jet looked confused but said, "Sure but you have two hours." Ritz smiled and nodded.

Spike decided to follow her there without her knowing. She dressed in the dress shrit and pants she "Borowed" from Spike. She walked though the streets with a confident stride. She finally made it to a trailer park. It was a seedy, fithy, place. spike held his nose as he followed her to the dirtest trailer of them all. Two small children about 3 and 6 in mens shrits ran to greet her. She picked them both up in a bear hug and went into the trailer.

Inside was some lawn furniture and broken beer bottles. On a chair sat a fat, old man. He smiled at Ritz with yellow theeth. "So kid, what ya got for us this week?" He asked. She smiled down at her father. "A break dad. I'm leaving and taking Benny and Ginie with me." The smile from her father's face dropped. He slowly got up from the chair and slowly walked up to her. He finally slapped her so hard she fell to the ground.

"You slutty bicth." He roared, kicking her in the stomach. It was the same place where she had the bullet wound. "We gave you the best years of our lives and you take our children away. You bicth." He snapped at her. He grabbed a handful of her hair and threw her into the wall. It left a dent. "Oh now look what you made me do!" He sreacmed, kicking her again.

She finally got up and took out a knife. "If you can't take care of them, I'll take care of them. Good-bye!" She grabbed the children and limped out. Spike stood by the window, shocked of what he just saw. When he saw the three leave, he saw the two kids feet. They had no shoes, like Ritz and their feet were bleeding from stepping on beer bottles. Ritzs feet never bled, she was older and had tougher feet.

She saw Spike and smiled. "well you met my dad." she said. Benny looked over at the older man with his tumb in his mouth. He was the youngest and the quietest. Ginie sobbed into her sister's shrit. The four walked back to the ship without a word.

"Since when are we a daycare?" Jet srceamed at Ritz. She stared at him without speaking until he was done. "They are my brother and sister. I won't leave them. don't worry. They're very quiet and clean. There little angels most of the time. Its all of us or none of us." Jet knew she had become a permanent part of the crew. She could take down anybody without weapons and could cook. She wasn't leaving for anything.

Three years later,

Ritz and her family had been there for three years. Ritz was now 17, Benny 6, and Ginie 9. The three were now in the family. Benny and Ginie even called Jet Dad by then. as for Ritz, she helped Jet and Spike cacth the bountys by pinning them down. Spike was sercertly falling in love with her. She acully gave a damn if he was okay when he was wounded or sick.

She usually would take care of him and make sure he was okay. He always wondered if she retruned his feelings. Sometimes he would look over at her and see her looking right back at him. He decided to find out one night. He got ticket to a underground boxing macth in mars. They both loved boxing. He would then ask what she felt about him.

When he invited her, she accepted with a confused look on her face. That night they went to the macth. They placed bets on their faviote boxer, Amazon Bicth. They watched and cheered on as their boxer won the macth. Spike found the perfect chance. He swept he up in his arms and kissed her when they won. She seemed shocked at first but kissed him back. They stayed like that until they both needed air.

Ritz leaned her head on Spike's chest as she gasped for air. The men around them cheered and ruined the moment. "I love you." Spike whispered, holding her tightly in his strong arms. She sighed in his arms. His arms tightened around her when he herad, "I love you too." He kissed the top of her head and broke the embrace. They left the stadium and went out to the park nearby. they both laughed at each other when they tripped on a stone.

They layed there where they tripped for a while, Ritz's head on his chest. "So how long have you loved me?" She asked. "A while." He said, petting her hair and staring up at the stars. He remebered Julia on nights like this. She would lay with him just like this too. He wondered after she died if he would ever love anthor person. He knew that he could fall in love with someone else now.

They didn't reazile they fell asleep there until they woke up in the morning. They garthered a crowd who poked and proded both of them until they woke up. Spike was the first to wake up. He shook Ritz awake and they walked away like nothing happened. As they walked though the streets of mars holding hands, Jet found them.

"What the hell are you two doing?" Jet sreacmed at both of them. "Walking." Ritz said simply. "Do you know I've been looking for you guys all night? Benny and Ginie have been crying all night saying, 'Where's sissy?'" Ritz nodded and hung her head. "And Spike, Where were you two doing last night? If you think you can be with her your crazy. Shes almost half your age! You want to corpput a little kid?" Jet said as Ritz ran to the ship, hiding her face.

"Ya know, Jet, we really don't care." Spike said in a cocky vocie. Jet seemed in anger. "Oh well, I can't stop you." He fianlly said. He had known for a long time how they felt about each other. He just never said anything about it. He thought it was just puppy love. But it wasn't now.

As Ritz went back to the ship, she slowed down to look a foutune teller read someones plam. As she watched, she could tell it was a fasle fountune. The reader said the woman would have many children. The woman was supposed to die in two years. Ritz wanted to correct the old woman but the other woman left. "Dearie, sit down so I can tell your fountune." The old lady begged.

Ritz shook her head up still sat down. This could be interseting. She held out her hand to the old woman to read. The woman took her hand in hers. Ritz felt the calluses on her hand and thick knukles. She pulled away. This wasn't an old woman. It was a man! The man knocked over the table and grabbed her around the wasit. He put a cloth over her mouth that smelled awful. As she knocked out, she saw the mans face. It was the Gren that Spike always talked about.

When she woke up, she was chained to a wall and hanging by the chains. She was alert now and wildly trying to break out. Gren fianlly cme in with anthor man. "Why am I here? What do you want?" She snapped at them. Gren went up to her and pulled her wallet out of her pocket. He flipped over the photos in her wallet to a picture of Spike. He was leaning aganist a wall, smoking. It was the one she took on his 30th birthday. Everyone celebrated and gave him a party but he acted like it was just anthor day. She had given him a lighter he still used.

Gren ripped the photo in half. Ritz gasped. "We have a score to settle with Spike. Until he comes we have you." The other man said. The man stepped out from the shadows. It was Visous! "Wait, don't you two hate each other!" Ritz asked. Visous laughed and put his hand over the girl's cheek. "we both share a commen fact, we hate the Bebop crew. You happen to be a new addition." His fingernails dug into her face, leaving a sarcth.

He laughed at her then left. Gren smiled at her. He walked over slowly, making her nervous. He went to work removing her pants. She tried to fight as he clamly romoved her clothes. "God damnit, leave me alone." She sreacmed. She called on every god she knew about as he took advantage of her. Afterwards he left her hanging there, sobbing quietly. The blood from her hymen ripping ran down her legs. Her pants and underwear were hanging around her ankles.

Jet and Spike meanwhile went back to the ship. They were greeted by Ed trying to comfort two crying children. Spike went over the Ginie. What's wrong?" He asked. Ginie strated hitting Spike. "wheres my sister? She was with you and shes gone now." Ginie sreacmed at him while trying to beat him up. "You mean shes gone?" Faye asked. "Ritzy go bye-bye." Ed said sadly. Spike sat down on the couch.

"Well it wasn't meant to be." Jet said. "We're leaving tonight." He annoced. Benny and Ginie cryed only harder. "We can't stay behind for one person." Jet said above Benny and Ginie's protests. Jet left the room. spike only sat on the couch. He reached for a cigatte but put the pack down. He remebered how much Ritz hated his smoking and put it down.

Ritz woke up when a splash of cold water was thrown at her. Visous held the bucket of water. "What do you want?" she asked him. Without any warning, he went over to her and did the smae thing Gren had done the night before. In a haze, she looked over to see a camera. "Y-you basterd." She manged to say when he was done. "Well how esle will they know you're here?" He asked, smiling at her. He reached his hand under her shrit and pinched a nipple. She gasped and tried to kick his balls.

He dodged and contiued what he had been doing. He took a knife out and ripped her shrit with one cut. He traced her skin with the knife before finding where the bullet wound had been. It had left a scar. Visous stuck the knife into the scar as Ritz held back a scream. He pulled his knife and showed it to the camera. "if you're going to kill me, do it now." She said. He laughed at her and left the room.

As the ship took off Spike was on the couch. All of a sudden the computer flicked on. Images of Ritz being raped by Gren and Vicous showed on the screen. Benny and Ginie were watching with wide eyes until Spike covered their eyes. They had no idea what was happening to their sister. Ritz afterwards stared at them with sad blue eyes. Jet wacthed the secne in horror.

"We have to get her." Spike said, standing up. Jet nodded and changed the course back to earth. Spike didn't even wait for the ship to land before he jumped out. Visous had killed Julia and he sure as hell would'nt let him kill Ritz. He landed on the ground on his feet and broke into a run. He was running toward where he knew Visous would be. After all, he knew everything about his brother.

Ritz finally broke one hand out of the chains by breaking her wrist in the process. She worked the other one and dropped to the ground. Her legs were so numb from hanging for two days they were limb. She shook them until they finally were awake. The door was unlocked. She was in a warehouse that was empty. She snuck outside to almost be caught by Gren. He had been outside hosing himself off. He was naked, showing he was man and woman.

He was about to cacth her but was caught off guard by the fact he was naked. She ran so fast she ran into a wall of an old building. She was far away from the warehouse so she decided to rest. She thought out her next move. She wish she could go back to the ship but they problay left without her. The other problem was she was naked!

Ritz walked down the streets, ingoring the stares. She finally ran into a clothing store and found a black niavana t-shirt and jeans she liked. She asked to try them on and put them on. She ripped the tags off and walked out wearing the clothes. The sales lady seemed to know what she was doing but didn't stop her. She smiled. It reminded her of the old days when she did this with her mother for school shopping.

Ritz then went into a shoe shop and did the same thing with the shoes. She now thought of her next move. She was walking toward where the ship had been before when she saw Spike and Jet running the oppisite direction. She ran after them sreacming for them. They truned around and saw her. She ran into Spike and hugged him tightly. He returned the hug, never wanting to let go. Jet watched the two as they held each other tightly.

Jet and Ritz went back to the ship but Spike stayed. He wanted to finally get Visous. Before they parted, Ritz kissed Spike on the cheek. "Don't die okay, asshole?" She asked. He only laughed at her and kissed her back. "I'll try to if it means stopping your nagging, Bicth." He answered. Jet had smiled at the couple. They always said that to each other. They parted ways afterwards. Now as Jet and Ritz went back to the ship, Ritz still thought of him.

Jet finally nocited her broken wrist. It had already been relocated but looked pretty bad. "Hey, that looks pretty bad." He finally said. Ritz looked up at him and nodded. "Yeah, I know, but its okay." She whispered. Jet took her hand and fixed it by ripping a strip from his shrit and using it as a bandage. She winced as he tied it tightly.

Ritz walked back with him, rubbing her sore wrist. Benny and Ginie ran to cling on Ritz's legs as soon as they saw her. Ritz picked up her two wards and talked to them as they asked the usual questions like 'Where were you? Did you bring us somehing?' The usual questions. Ritz brushed them off and said she wanted to take a shower. She undressed slowly, careful not to jar any of the wounds.

She finally made it into the shower and truned on the water. She sat in the shower and fianlly cried. She finally let all her pain out as the warm water ran over her body. She herad the door open. "Go Away!" She said to the shadow behind the curtain. Faye pulled back the shower curtain. She was naked like Ritz. She had wanted to take a shower too but had herad Rtiz's sobbing over the water. She kneeled next to the younger girl and hugged her.

The two women stayed like that until Faye pointed out this was a totally lesbion moment. They pulled apart and got out of the shower. As they dressed Rtiz finally said something, "Um, hey Faye? Thanks." She whispered. Faye only smiled at the younger girl. The two women finally left. Ritz went outside to wait for Spike, Benny and Ginie following.

Ritz had waited until midnight. Benny and Ginie were throwen into bed by Jet. She finally saw Spike come back. His shoulder was shot but he was still alive. Ritz ran to him as he limped back. She helped him back into the ship. When they made it into his room, Jet woke up and helped them fix Spike. He then left the two alone. He had no idea what they'd do but he knew they wanted to be alone.

When Jet left, Ritz decided to leave too. As she got up, Spike stopped her. "Please, stay." Spike begged. Ritz nodded and layed down with him. She pulled the blanket over both of them. "You know, it might be a good idea to sleep naked. Its hot tonight." spike said. Ritz blushed and lightly hit him. "Asshole." she mummered. But he was right so she removed her shrit.

She snuggled up into his chest and tried to fall asleep but Spike was running his fingers over her back. "Can you let me sleep?" Ritz asked, kissing him on the cheek. Spike laughed and kissed her back. "I just can't sleep when I have you next to me." He said, tracing her breast. Ritz truned over to face him. Spike finally kissed her on the lips. His tounge snaked into her mouth.

He got on top of her, pinning Ritz down. She moaned as he pinched her nipple. Spike knew she wanted this. He could tell. Ritz's hands fumbled with his belt and pants. He moved down to her neck. He kissed and sucked at her neck until he broke the skin. He licked away at the wound. She held on to his arms and squimed under him.

Spike removed her pants slowly, Ritz moaning under him. he tried to leran how to adress the whole sex subject to her. He knew she'd be scared to really do it since she had been raped. He was trying to be gentle to her but still saw fear in her eyes. Ritz finally touched his chest to make him stop. "Look Spike, I know we're a couple now but I just want to wait. Can't you just hold me?" She begged. Spike moaned and layed down next to her.

Ture, he felt horny but he didn't want to be like Vicous. Ritz draped herself next to him and wrapped her arms around his chest. "I'm sorry." She said. He looked over at her. "Its okay." he said. Ritz shook her head. Spike liked the feeling of her hair on his chest. It was petting his wounded shoulder and made it feel better. Spike and Ritz both feel asleep after a while.

The next morning, Ritz woke up first. She got up to make breakfest for everyone. As she cooked some eggs she sat back and thought about last night. Was she just leading him on? She felt really bad for him. Maybe she would give in next time. But the rape had hurt her so much she wondered if she could ever have sex again. Her thoughts were cut off by a knock on the ships gate. She grabbed her sword and creeped down to answer the door. When she did, a middle aged woman looked back at her.

Ritz blinked as she saw the the woman. The woman had shrot brown hair and dark blue eyes. She looked just like Ritz. "I'm looking for Jet Black and Ritz." She finally said. Ritz could only nod and open the door for her. As the woman looked around the place, Ritz went over to the couch where Jet was sleeping. She gently nugded him awake until he swatted at her hand to make her stop.

"What do ya want Ritz?" He mummered, seeing her. "A ladys looking for you and me." Ritz finally said. Jet sat up and reached for a ciggette. "Why would she look for the two of us?" Ritz asked. Jet said nothing for a while. The turth was he didn't know ethier. He finally got up and went to the cockpit where the lady waited for them.

Jet gasped when he finally saw her. "Ma-Mafa, What are you doing here?" Jet asked. Mafa went over to Ritz and put his arm around her. "I wanted to see our daughter for the first time." Jet and Ritz both gasped. "M-my mother is almost dead. She can't even walk." Ritz finally said. "Oh, you're talking about the bicth who kidnapped you." Mafa said, frowning at her daughter.

Jet was frozen. The whole time his daughter was living under his roof, he treated her like a regular burden. Even if they did have a love-hate thing he still saw her as a burden. And now she was his child. He suddly remebered the one night Mafa and him had made love. How the condom broke but they didn't care. That was the last time they'd seen each other. He looked over at Ritz, who was staring at her mother with disbelief.

"Now, I know this has to be hard for you." Mafa finally told Ritz. "But when you were born, there was anthor woman in my room who had lost a baby girl the day you were born. She replaced you with the corpse and was never seen again. All I knew about her was she quit high school to marry a man ten years older then her and they lived in a trailer park. I serched for 12 years until I thought you were dead and gave up. Then I wacthed the romping bounty show and herad about how the Bebop crew captured some drug dealers worth 200 million. I knew it was you when I saw your picture."

Jet by then had to sit down. He could'nt believe he had a child. And Spike problay had sex with her the night before. He had watched his child be raped by his worst enemy. Ritz meanwhile, was staring at her mother. She finally decided to hug her. The hug had forced her to finally cry. She let all her confusion and anger on in the moment. She didn't know who to be mad at but knew she had suffered and got beat up by a man who wasn't even her father.

Spike woke up to reach for the empty space where Ritz was. He grunted and stumbled out of bed. He put some pants on and followed the smell of burning breakfest. he expected Ritz to be running around the kicten, getting breakfest ready. He only met the smell of burning eggs. He quickly turned the stove off and took care of the eggs. He suddly herad crying and followed the sound. He saw Rtiz hugging a strange woman crying and jet sitting near by, head in his hands.

It was explained to spike as they sat around the couch. Ritz sat by her mother, still looking over at her mother like she didn't know her. Mafa was talking about taking Ritz coming back to mars with her. "So whats my name?" Ritz fianlly asked. It was the first time she said anything for a while. Mafa looked over at her daughter with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry I never told you. Your name is Paza after my father."

Ritz smiled. she was expecting a corny name like Sissy or Janice. "Paza, Are you okay?" Mafa asked. Paza looked over at her. "I guess." She finally said. Paza looked over at Spike and smiled. "Well, you still want to be with me? I'm so fucked up, I just met my mother but you still want ta be with me?" Spike could'nt resit anymore. He took her into his arms and hugged her tightly. He wantedto take away all the pain in her eyes.

"I don't care." He said in her ear. She returned the embrace, wanting to be there forever. Mafa and Jet watched the couple and fianlly Mafa said something. "Maybe I should'nt have come." She said. Jet looked over at his former lover. She was far from the innocent woman he had loved for so long. She looked more mature. She had been only 20 when they last saw each other. She was now 38 years old.

"Mom, I have to say something." Paza said, breaking away from Spike. Mafa nodded. "Spike and I are lovers. No matter what I want to stay with him. But I will visit you for a while." Paza explained. Mafa nodded. "Just like I as when I was your age. I will trust you to make the right decion but be careful. Please, come to my-our home some time." Mafa said, touching her daughters hand.

Paza nodded. "What if I come back with you for a while?" Paza suggested. She did want to be with her mother. If only she could find some way to sort this all out. The rest of the crew were waking up. How could she tell Benny and Ginie that she was not their sister? She decided it would be best to wait for a while. At least until they were grown up. She sighed and got up to pack her bags. She packed lightly, taking only what she truely thought she needed. "Sissy, where you going?" Ginie asked, watching her sister pack. "Oh just on a little trip." Paza said to her sister as she packed a picture of the whole crew. She finally finshed and got up. Faye by then knew about it. she watched her friend leave with Mafa. Paza went to spike and hugged him tightly. "I will return soon, my love." Spike held on to her, knowing she'd be back but still not letting her go.

He fianlly let go after kissing her for one last time. Paza left with Mafa as Spike watched them go with tears in his eyes. Jet only stared before he called out to them. "Paza, you better return." He yelled after them. Paza looked over at him. "Why would I come back to this dump?" she said, teasing him. Mafa and Paza both took off on Mafa's ship.

Meanwhile Paza was sitting next to her mother, only half listening to her mother's plans. She had been staring at the ship she called home for three years. She would come back no matter what. Mafa watched her daughter stare at the ship until she had to steer. She was right. Paza was in love. Mafa knew her daughter would be the perfect person to leran fueg shi. She would'nt let her go back until she was a master.

They landed on mars in a rundown street. Paza looked comfortable in the streets and that worried Mafa. She must have been rasied in the streets. They walked into Mafa's shop. Paza was immedily impressed by the shop. She would be a fast leraner. Mafa smiled as she flipped though the pages of a book laying on a counter. "Would you like to leran?" Mafa asked. Paza looked up, looking surprised. She smiled and nodded. "This seems interseting." Paza answered.

Mafa noddded. "then I will teach you. You will stay here until you leran all about Fug shi with me as your teacher." She explained. paza nodded and followed her mother to the back of the shop where they would live. Paza listened silently as Mafa led her though the house. She seemed at home in the cluttered living space. Mafa went to go make soemthing to eat. She wanted to make a big dinner to welcome her daughter home.

Paza set her bag down on the floor of her new bedroom. It was a welcoming room and smelled like cinammon incence had been burning. the wall were a warm red and a dreamcacther hung over the twin size bed. The bed had black sheets and red pillows that Paza wanted to lay down and sleep in. She sat down for a mintue and tested the bed. It was soft and felt wonderful. She layed down on the bed and decided to lay down for a second.

She fell asleep and didn't wake up until Mafa came in and gently shook her until she woke up. "Paza, dinners ready." Mafa said as Paza sat up. "How long was I asleep?" Mafa could'nt help but smile. "About two hours." She answered. Paza nodded and got up. Mafa looked around the room. It was a pretty sensusel room that wasn't really fit for a teenager. It was meant to be a guest room but Mafa never really had any guests after her mother died.

"I'm sorry if the room isn't fitting for you. You can change it if you want but no porno. It messes with the chi." Mafa explained. Paza nodded and smiled at her mother. She could tell they would be not only mother and daughter, but friends. They went to the kicten and Paza gasped. There on the table was the best platter of veegie food she ever saw. She pefered meat but usually could go both ways. There were times that all Jet could afford were bell peppers so the crew leraned to have a tolerence for a no-meat diet.

Paza sat down and helped herself to everything. Everything tasted great. Mafa smiled as her daughter chowed down faster then she ever saw anyone eat. Mafa wondered if Paza ever really got much food. She was still srcawy and slim for a girl her size. Her breast and hips stuck out a lot and kind of scared her. Mafa had to stop Paza after a while. "Hon, you'll get sick if you eat more." mafa said, gently.

Paza nodded and set down her clean plate. She got up to clear the table to be stopped by Mafa. "I'm your mother. Let me take care of you." Mafa got up and cleared the table. paza looked confused. After three years of working for the Bebop crew and cleaning up after them, she didn't really know what to do. She sat there and watched Mafa wash the dishes. "Do you need help?" Paza asked timidly. Mafa shook her head. "Rest now."

She went back to her room and unpacked. She put all her clothes in the closet and put her other stuff on a book self next to the bed. She sat down on the bed, staring at the picture of the bebop gang. It was taken when caught a guy worth 300 million woolong. It was spent in a matter of two weeks but enough for all of them to buy as much food, clothes, and anything they wanted.

Spike was nice enough to buy Paza a new pair of pants with his share. They were tight and made her butt look good. She laughed when she remebered how Spike would stare at her ass until Faye finally hit him for staring. Faye had gambled all her money. Ed had spent hers on computer equipment. Paza saved some and bought a toy for both Benny and Ginie. She also bought Jet some cigettes. Even if she hated smoking, she could'nt think of any esle to get him.

Paza herad a knock on the door and opened it to see Mafa. "I rented some movies. Wanta watch?" she asked. Paza nodded and they went in the living room. They watched "White chicks" and "Without a paddle" and laughed until they were crying. Paza looked over at her mother and reaziled something. This was the first time she was ever with her mother, watching something, and laughing together. She sat back and savored the moment.

When the movies were over, Paza and Mafa sat down and were talking about their lives when finally Paza asked what had been on her mind for a while. "Mom, did you love dad?" Paza asked, pulling a stray thread on her pants. Mafa layed back on the couch. "Yes, I did. He was a friend of my fathers. We hit it off almost immeditly. We knew we could never be together so we dedcided to go our seprate ways. We spent one night saying good-bye, if you know what I mean. When I came back, I found out I was pregenant with you. Thats our story."

Paza nodded and yawned. Mafa nocited she was tired and pushed her down so Paza's head was on her lap. Paza seemed surprised but relaxed when she felt her hair being pet. "So, how is life on the bebop crew?" Mafa asked. "Its nice." Paza answered, being extremly vague. It drove Mafa crazy. "'Nice,' would mean what to you?" Mafa asked, paciently. Paza shrugged. "It was my home for three years. I'll tell you one thing, it was much better then where I lived." Paza said.

"where did you live before?" Mafa asked. Paza tried to sit up but was pushed down into the older woman's lap. "What I will tell you isn't pretty." She said. "I'm willing to hear it if your willing to say it." Mafa whispered simpactheticly. Paza gave a heavy sigh and began.

"The people who kidnapped me lived in the ghettos. They were alocholics and I was usually left to fend for myself. When they bought food, they'd ethier eat it in front of me or make me beg before finally giving it to me. They had two other children, Benny and Ginie. They always put those two before me and let me strave while watching them eat. When I was 12 years old, they decided I was old enough to fend for myself and kicked me out. At that time I had nothing but the clothes on my back.

"I wandered the streets until I found a baby blue eyes white dragon and decided to take care of it. Together, we stole food to survive until I was old enough to get a job. I took on two jobs but was still given barely enough to feed the two of us. And they would come to my alley once a mounth for money. The man I called father would beat me if I didn't have the money they asked for. Then Spike and Jet finally found me and you know the rest of the story." Paza explained with tears in her eyes.

Mafa layed back, shocked. She never expected something like that to happen. She knew her daughter must have had to grow up pretty quickly. She finally grabbed her daughter and hugged her. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there." Mafa sobbed out. Paza hugged her mother as tears ran down her eyes. Mafa seemed more sad about it then Paza. Paza looked at her mother. "Its okay mom. I lived though it and I got only stronger." She said to her mother.

Mafa smiled and dried her tears. "Your right. I guess your a strong kid. I'm just sorry I missed so much." She said. Paza only hugged her mother. Mafa looked up at the clock. It was midnight. "You bad girl! Its midnight and your're not in bed." Mafa teased her daughter. Paza smiled and got up. "Oh okay. But just five more mintues?" "NO!" Mafa teased. Paza kissed her mother good night and went to bed.

As she got into bed, Paza sighed a breath of relief. It wasn't easy telling her mother about her past but she was glad she did. She snuggled into the warm blankets and pillows and thought about what wa happening. she was glad she was with her mother but still missed hearing the normal sounds of the ship she was used to. Faye's snoring, Spike's breathing, even the sound of Ein barking.

Paza even thought of Spike. She wished he was laying next to her. This would be the perfect room to make love in and she really felt kinda horny in the room. She went into the bathroom and drew a bath. she really hadn't ever been able to take a real bath and knew she would enjoy this. When the bath tub was full, she pracitlly ran into the bath. The water felt good on her tired body.

She stayed in the tub for an hour when Mafa walked in. "How long have you been in there?" She asked. Paza groaned and came up from the bottom. "What time is it?" She returned. Mafa could'nt help but stare at her daughter. She nocited the scar under her breast and wondered where it came from.

"Where did you get that?" Mafa asked, pointing to the scar. Paza hung her head. "I got it when I met dad and Spike." She said simply. "Did you wash your back?" Mafa asked. Paza shook her head. Mafa rolled up her sleeves and washed Paza's back. Paza sighed and enjoyed it. Nobody ever washed her back and it felt good. "T-thanks." Paza sighed. Mafa only nodded and gasped at the scars she saw.

The scars were any old place on her back. She ran her hand down Paza's back, sending shivers up and down the girl's spine. Paza looked over at her in confusion. Mafa smiled back at her daughter and finished up. She got up and left to let Paza get out. "Good night." She herad Paza say. She smiled and went back to bed.

Paza got out and dried off. She checked the clock. It was one in the morning. She decided not to wear clothes and went to bed naked. She was about to fall asleep when she herad the tree next to the window shake. She looked over at the window to see a shadow of a man. She pulled a sheet up to her chest and didn't sreacm. she was too sraced to move or say anything. The shadow opened the window and walked into the room.

She reached for her sword and held it up to him. "D-don't come near me." Paza said. The shadow laughed at her and truned on the light. It was Spike. She breathed a sigh of relief. She threw her sword away and ran to hug him. She snullged in the familair chest she leraned to love. Spike's arms went around her, retruning the hug. They capurted each others lips in a kiss.

He picked her up and layed her on the bed. Paza gasped for air once they parted lips. Spike pulled the sheet away and stared at her naked body. Paza blushed and sat up to touch Spike and remove his shrit. Her hands got tangled in the small amount of chest hair he had as he pulled her back down on the bed. Spike got up and removed his pants and boxers slowly in front of her. He also took out a condom. Paza sat there fasinated as he put it on. She always wondered how those things worked.

Spike finished and smiled at her. He palyfully jumped on top of her and westreled with Paza for a while. "I've been waiting for this." He said, nipping at her skin. Paza moaned as he moved down to her waist. He pulled her legs apart and licked her inner tighs. She sreacmed as he licked her pussy. He moved up and took a gag from his pocket. "If we're gonna do this, you have to be quiet." He said. he gave her a kiss before gagging her so Mafa would'nt hear them.

Paza trembled when he finally snaked his tounge into her vagina. She grabbed his hair and tugged slightly as she cilmaxed after a few mintues. Spike finally could'nt take it anymore. He moved up to kiss her and turst inside her. She screamed into his mouth but relaxed when her strated moving in her. he decided to help make it easier by turning on his back so Paza sat on top of him. She looked confused but moved on him before them both cilmaxing. She fell into his arms and pulled away from his cock. It had hurt but Pleasure took over pain.

As for Spike, He wrapped his arms around her and truned over on his side. "I love you so much." Spike whispered into her hair. She nodded and buried her face into his chest. "You know I'll have to leave before dawn. Your parents will kill me." Spike said, playing with her hair. She groaned. "Fuck, don't make me think about that. I don't want you to leave. What am I, a booty call?" She said, teaseing him. He laughed at her sarcasm and sat up a little, taking her with him.

She stared up at his muti-colored eyes. They seemed beautiful to her but she leraned the story behind the eyes. Paza fell asleep in his arms while he was petting her hair. while she was alseep, He slipped out of the warm embrace and put his clothes on. He had told Jet he needed to see an old friend and he believed him. He would tell Jet he fell asleep at his friends house and he spent the night there. He knew Paza needed more than ever this time with her mother and would wait for her forever.

The next day, Paza woke up reaching for the empty space where Spike was and sat up. Where was he? She found a note and picked it up.

Dear Paza,

I know I love you and I want you with me for the rest of my life. But you are 17 years old, a child. This doesn't mean I don't want you. I want you but want to wait until you're at least 18 and are really sure you want to be with me. I don't mind waiting. While you're there, I'll ask your father for persimmision to be with you. I guess thats what you do. I could be wrong. To tell you the turth, I don't care what your dad says and I'm sure you don't ethier. But since I love you and your dad, I guess I have to do that. But remeber I love you and when you're ready to come back, let me know.

Love, Spike

Paza read the letter over and over as tears went down her eyes. They still wanted her there! Paza got up and took a quick shower. She srucbbed her entire body hard, without really wanting to. Her mother would have smelled the sex all over her. Even though, Paza never wanted to wash off the smell of Spike's smell of smoke and Old spice. She finally left the shower and dressed in jeans and a Hendrix t-shrit. She walked down the stairs and grabbed some breakfest. She knew her mother was working the shop and would be working all day.

She decided to fool around in mars. Paza took her money and her sword and went to the front of the shop. "Hey, mom, I'm gonna see whats around here okay?" She said as she left. Mafa waved good-bye to her child and turned back to her cumtomer. "You have a child?" the little old lady asked. Mafa nodded and watched her child walk down the streets. "Well were has she been all these years?" The old lady asked. Mafa turned back to her. "She was kidnapped when she was born." She answered. The old woman nodded and left the shop.

Paza walked though the streets, happy to be back home. She decided to do some shopping. She really could'nt do that at the ship and now she didn't really have to support herself. The money she saved would finally be put to good use. She went into a store and tried to find a dress. She didn't really even own a dress so she might just strat there.

The dreeses she found looked kind of stupid and girly. She walked until she found a store that sold hemp clothes. She finally found a red dress. It was sleeveless and fell down to the ankles. It was an everyday dress and was a start. She bought it and some books on Feug shi. If she was to leran Feug shi, she might as well have some background reading.

The shops Paza visited had mostly werid and odd wares. She finally made it home with what she bought. "Hey, Paza, I didn't know you were one to shop." Mafa said to her daughter. Paza laughed. "No I'm not really one to shop but just wanted to change something." Mafa reached for the bags and looked though them. By then the store was pretty empty and they were the only ones there. Mafa nodded in approval of the dress and was impressed her daughter bought the books. She nodded in aproval and Paza went to her room.

Mafa was glad she bought the dress. She could'nt wait to see it on her daughter. Paza meanwhile was trying it on in her room. She was staring at herself in the mirrior, wondering what she would look like with makeup. She knew Faye had makeup but everytime she tried to get near it, faye would hit her upside the head. "Its not yours so you don't touch it!" Faye had screamed so many times before.

In some ways, Paza missed Faye and still remebered the night before she left. Faye had been so supportive and loving. Paza did hope they would become friends. Paza took the dress off and changed into her normal clothes. Today, Mafa would strat thier lessons and she needed to be ready to study. She went to the living room where Mafa was waiting for her. Paza sat down and listened to her mother talking.

Paza fell asleep after a week of leraning Feug shi. It was an intersting subject but ver tiring to study. Mafa smiled evily as she took a book and slammed it down on the coffee table. Paza sat up while Mafa laughed. "You must focus your mind on nothing but Feug shi." She said in a fortune teller's vocie, mocking mistress Cleo on T.V. Paza laughed and they contiued thier study.

One year later...

Paza was now almost 18 years old and a master of Feug shi. Mafa was pround of her daughter but knew she would go back to Jet's ship soon. Paza was happy here but still implided many times she would be going soon. Thats when she dropped the bomb.

That night they were eating dinner. Paza put down her fork and looked over at her mother. "Mom, tommrow I'm leaving." She said. Mafa stopped eating and looked down at the plate. "Yes, well, if you must...I won't stop you." Mafa said, tears threating to come down her eyes. Paza nodded and put her dishes in the sink. She went to her room and began packing.

Paza sat down on the bed and looked around at the room she called home for a year. The room held a lot of memories, including the first time she and Spike made love. She shivered, bringing back the feeling of his hands over her. Paza packed her stuff gently. She smiled at a picture of her her and her mother together when they went to a kareoke bar. That night they sang and danced and laughed at each other's mistakes. Paza went to bed early, wanting to leave early the next day.

The next morning, Paza slipped out, careful not to wake Mafa. she left a note saying good-bye. She got a space pod and took off. It would take a while to find them and she was prepared to serch for a while. The ship's tracking device was old but it lead her to Earth. She landed on Earth to look for the ship. She found a hotel and rented one for the night. It was late and she needed to sleep.

The next day, Paza decided to take advantage of the hotel room and ordered room service. She ordered ramen and some water. Paza was watching HBO as she ate ramen provided. When she was done, she checked out and went to look for the Bebop ship. Before she left, she put on the red dress and some sandels. It had been two hours before she found the ship. She knew all the the hide-outs and sercert entrances to the ship.

Paza sneaked into a hidden door on the side. She could hear the sounds of lunch and knew what they would do after lunch. She sneaked into Spike and Jet's room and went under the bed to wait for them. She herad Spike go it to pracite martial arts. Paza smiled evily and grabbed his foot. She slipped out and grabbed his wasit. He looked down at her in disbelief.

He pulled her up to his feet. They stared at each other before their lips clashed together. Spike ran his fingers though her hair as she touched his chest. They broke apart. Spike looked up and down. She had filled out in the breast and hips. She acully didn't look like a twig. "Do you still want me?" She said, staring up at him with clear blue eyes. Spike nodded and pulled her close to him. He would'nt let her go now that he had her. Jet had diaporved of their love but her didn't care. They would run away and strat a bounty hunting ship of their own.

"SPIKE, YOU BASTERD!" Jet yelled, breaking the two apart. Spike stepped up to the older man. "I don't care what you say anymore! We are both adults now who can make decions for each other." Spike yelled back. Paza stood next to him, defending him. "Father, I'm almost 18, an adult woman. I should decide what is right for me. And I have choosen to be with him." She said, holding on to his hand. Spike looked down at the young woman with love in his eyes.

"Okay, if you what to be with him so badly go ahead. But when he dumps you, don't come crying to me." Jet said, walking out of the room. He came back in a mintue to take his stuff out of the room. Paza went to help him but he slapped her away. "Father.." She said. He looked up at her. "What? Its Jet to you. I'm not good at this whole parenting thing if you want to be with a guy like him." He left the room with all his stuff packed into a box.

Paza went over to Spike and hugged him, hiding her tears. Spike pet her hair and wrapped his arm around her wasit. "Its okay. You made the right chocie." He said, kissing the top of her head.

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   What to do now?
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   my new fanfics almost done!
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   My friend has ADD!!!!
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   my moms a pyscoh!!!!!
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