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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time for an update!
? Hover Effects By POQbum.com WELL, maybe me updating will get everyone else to update as well lol. Wake up people!

Less than three months till I graduate! I'm so excited, but It's also kinda scary. Sometime in August I'm going to be moving into an apartment with a group of my friends, the only things that make me worry are how much it's going to cost, and if there's going to be enough parking ha ha. In the beginning, there are going to be at LEAST four to five cars between two apartments. And as far as I know, most apartment complexes only have about two spaces for each apartment. I wonder if there are any in Ogden that have parking garages...I'll have to look into it.

I'm getting a new car next week! Well, it's several years old, but that's new for me! I'm getting a 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. Me and my dad took it for a test drive and it is SO NICE :) it's so much better than all the cars my family owns. This is what it looks like, except the one I'm getting is Silver.
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