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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Life goes on :)

Right now I'm burning dvds for my friends birthday, and I forgot how long it takes for them to finish burning. It takes around 2 hours XP I'm so devoted lol. I can't say what they're of, because that friend is on MyO lol.

I'm going to Disneyland in one week! Then I go camping after I get back from that. But I'm not happy that I go camping the very day after I get home from Disneyland *dies* I need to pack two suitcases soon so I can sleep the day I get back.

I found a song by the guy who does Lelouch's Japanese voice ^_^ It's pretty.

Kay, so June of last year, I pre ordered the first two kingdom hearts novel on amazon.com cause it said that they were coming out a couple months later. So I'm like woot! when the time came that they were supposed to come out, it got delayed to a few months later. This happened about three times! and just now I finally get an email saying that they're not even going to be released! >:( Freaking heck. I wait more than a year for them and now I can't even get it. Dang you amazon XP I liked you!!!

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Friday, July 18, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com *is pacing back and forth in my room*


*continues pacing*

OH my heck! Anyone who hasn't seen The Dark Knight NEEDS TO!!! LIKE NOW!!!! *deep breath* It's BY FAR the best movie I've seen in years and for years to come. Heath Ledger did an amazing job as the Joker, and everyone else did just as amazingly! (Except maybe Rachel, I really didn't like her that much XP) ^_^ I'm like trying REALLY REALLY HARD to to spit out any spoilers right now, I'm so hyped up after seeing it that I want to scream, but I won't, since it's 3:14 am and my family's trying to sleep. But Yeah. if you couldn't tell, I went to the midnight premiere for The Dark Knight and it was AMAZING. I want Batman's motorcycle, I think it beats Cloud's motorcycle in Advent Children.

Whoooooo......Yes, go see it, in fact, see it like 5 times, I think I might lol I'm going to California in a couple weeks, and if it's playing at Grauman's Chinese Theatre when I'm there then me and my family are going dang it!!!!

Oh, so I found some Raw Code Geass episodes finally! they're actually ripped from dvds with the comentaries on, but I don't use the audio when making amvs, so TAKE THAT!!!! ^_^ So yes, I hope to be finished with an amazing amv in a couple weeks.


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Thursday, June 26, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Kay, so let me explain something first. My computer is one of those Macs that has the actual computer INSIDE the monitor, and is like...less than two inches thick. So, naturally, It SUCKS when it comes to having enough space for my stuff (It only has like...80 gigabytes I think, my fricken' IPOD has more space than my compy) My computer used to belong to my brother, but we traded because he wanted the one with the little iSight camera on it. And last week I discovered that he hadn't completely deleted all of his junk on it before giving it to me. So I went through a bunch of folders and deleted ALL OF IT. Including this game I found that he would play EVERY FRICKEN NIGHT and wake me up cause he would yell at it. (His room is right below mine, and the floors aren't soundproof at all) It's called Unreal Tournament, and it was taking up 5 gigs! That's ALOT for me! So yeah. I deleted everything of his and got back 10 gigs (Woot!)

Anyways. So, I went on a roadtrip a while ago and was listen to Gackt (^^) Lust for Blood started playing and I was like ":O this would fit perfectly with Code Geass!!!!" So right now I'm uploading the first episode to iMovie so I can start working on an amv, and just that one episode is stealing back all of the gigs I got from deleting everything!!! TT.TT iMovie is a good program, but it takes up SO MUCH space when you make things with it. The last amv I made it taking up 25 gigs!!!! *dies* But I need to keep it there for a couple months because I'm going to submit it to Anime Banzai's AMV competition, and I don't know yet what format I need to export it in...

So yeah. That's my life for ya! I'm going to go and comment now!!! OH!!! Anyone know a site I can get Code Geass RAWS in .Avi format? I've only found two episodes like that... I need like 10!!! lol

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Monday, June 2, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Okay, my awesomely good news is that I HAVE A JOB!!!! (Sorta...lol) My dad and all his awesome computer skills lets him make flight simulators for pilots in training! And he gets paid many benjamins for his good work. He's teaching me how to do it so I can help him with it! I'm just in training and I get paid $10 an hour! When I'm finished training, I'll be getting $15 an hour, and when I get better at it, I'll get $20!!!! XD It's way awesome! My older brother does it too, and he was able to buy himself a 2-week trip to japan from working for my dad over the summer!

Oh, so OBVIOUSLY I didn't get the job at gamestop like I hoped five million posts ago lol

Anyways, so today OFFICIALLY starts summer for me! My last day of school was thursday, but I just always consider the following monday to be the start. It's just how I is. So, I had straight A's all fricken' year. So as a reward, my mom is buying me a Dollfie!!!! YAYNESS!!! I'm so excited! I'm getting this one! His name is Kirill and he's from Dream of Doll. It's not as big as all the others, but they are HECK EXPENSIVE!!! So I needed to chose one of the cheeper ones lol I've wanted this on for a while anyway!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Sunday, May 4, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Nothing too big to update on. For a while I've wanted to paint a cool pic on my wall and get my room done all asian like, but my mom kept putting it off and I decided that I didn't care anymore. I'm only going to be living here for a year longer, so I wouldn't have much time to enjoy it if it even got finished. I'm thinking that was her plan all along!!!! *shouts in the distance* DANG YOU MOM!!!! lol maybe my friends will let me do a little bit of it in our house...probably not lol I'm excited for the whole thing though! Every day goes by and I want to move out more and more.

School's been going good, but I can't help but feel that it's dragging on and on...summer's getting to me lol Still trying to decide what to do for college, I really want to major in art, but I don't know if that'll get me anywhere...My parents want me to do what I love and I love to draw. Every time I bring up that concern they tell me "You'll have a better time doing something that you love rather than doing something else just to get you through life," I really want to do art, but that concern is never going to leave lol

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Current mood: WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTT!!!
Listening to: I My Me Mine ~ Polysics

Gamestop called me for an interview!!!!! I'm am SOOOO happy right now!!!! *does the happiest freaking dance you've ever seen in your freaking life* After applying at a bunch of places, FINALLY someone calls me! I go in on thursday at 3:00 ^^

Anyways, if you haven't yet seen the pics from our leap day adventures, then they're on my previous post. You should check them out ^^

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Yay pics!
? Hover Effects By POQbum.com I'm FINALLY posting the pics that I promise of Tesshi and Duvessa. ^^ For those who don't know, I had my friends come over on leap day, and we had a crazy time drawing all over Tesshi and Duve, so here are the pics!!!

Tesshi's right arm
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Tesshi's Back
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Duvessa's "Bootay"
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Duvessa's Face
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And we are finished! Ish...
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It got more chaotic later in the day, but I don't have any photos of it. Well, they decided they wanted every inch covered pretty much ^^

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Current mood: Good
Listening to: Dead Promises ~ The Rasmus

Well, it's been a little bit since I updated last, so I decided to drop by and say something! And change my theme to Miyavi!!! ^^!!! I freaking love him, about as much as Gackt I would say ^^ So yeah, I just found some pictures, darkened them, threw in a little diffuse glow, and put them up. I have a avi made for it...but they change the whole thing and I don't know how to do it anymore TT.TT I even made a pretty guestbook sign and then I learn that you CAN'T SIGN THEM ANYMORE. My gosh, Version Vibrant has just screwed things over here....

So yes, I am still working on the dress in sewing, I finally started SEWING it today, for the past two weeks I've been cutting the stupid pieces out! I hope it fits me, I hope it looks good on me! TT.TT

Still trying to find a job....yeah...I'm gonna try some bowling places and Baskin Robbins. That should be interesting. Oh! You remember how I said I was going to have an interview with subway for a job? Yeah, they never called me in. And since then I've been seeing other people who haven't been working there before (Yes, I go THAT much) It freaking pissed me off. That's the second time I've applied there when they got my hopes up and then BAM!!!!! Crushed my dreams of getting a job and making money......

So yeah, thanks for reading through my ramblings ^^ I'll get to people's sites soon!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ha ha...
? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Current Mood: Good ^^
Listening to: Some weird podcast thing.

Well. In my next post I'm going to put up pics of Tesshi and Duvessa after we colored on them on Leap Day. I'll probably put a clip of them on helium too lol Not of me though. Because that's just how I roll (HA HA HA!!!!)

Well, I'm listening to this little podcast thing that's showing Kingdom Hearts music, and in between the songs they're having trivia questions about the game. Answer them all and you get put in a drawing to win a $25 amazon gift thing....So yeah! I've heard all the questions and I know all the answers BECAUSE I'M AMAZING....and obsessed....So yeah. I've sent in the answers and hopefully they'll put me in the drawing ^^ I'm excited.

So. That's all for now! See yas!

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Current mood: Happy :D
Listening to: Papa Mama ~ Miyavi

Happy late Leap Day everyone! I was distracted yesterday so I didn't get the chance to post, or check sites. I had all of my friends come over! It was SO much fun! He hadn't been all together since our christmas party, so we needed an excuse to hang out, so I'm like, "LEAP DAY" So everyone came to my house, we came up with dances, drew on tesshi and duvessa, had helium...lol I was SOOOOO funny!

Well, that's really it....Hope march is a good month for you all!

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