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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

   Sorry bout that
? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Had a rough week. But it's all good now! So, it's been a week, might as well fill you in.

First thing that comes to mind:
My older bro is making a movie in a compettition between his group of friends and another group of friends. It's really funny, hew finished it, but he will only let me see the first 30 seconds, actually, the first 27.84 seconds, RIP OFF! But yeah, my poor alarm clock, I think mine is the most anoying, so he used it, maybe I was just the first one he asked, or maybe no one else wanted their alarm clock thrown out the window. Meh, it brought me joy and pleasure ^_^ He hasn't had sleept in days. He had to get it finished by today, and right now he's recording it onto a videotape(Because burning a dvd freaking takes 2 hours) This is much easier. I can't wait till he'll let me see the whole thing.

Well, girls camp is next week -_- I thought it was a ways away, but I guess not, oh well, looking forward to it! Just as long as our campsite isn't at the very bottom of the freaking hill. I don't want to climb that hill several freaking times a day! (For the Utahns here, if you've ever been to Valley View stake camp, you'll know what I mean) It'll count as my walking for those four days though.

BO YEAH!!! I went, to Pirates, with Silent Love, Kyo Krazy and Mijistu(Who has yet to get on here) OH! My heck! I love it to DEATH! It's really cool! You still have to wait in a huge line to go see it. I saw another one of my friends there, but she didn't see me....I waved frantically and everything! I think she made eye contact with me while driving past, but that's all. She's seen the movie three freaking times already. I am going to see it with my family on friday, YAY! Families are good, I feel sorry for those who don't have one. I WILL BE YOUR FRIEND!!


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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Happy fourth! I mean.....FIFTH!!!!
? Hover Effects By POQbum.com Current mood: Borred to the point of randomness
Currently eating: A mouthfull of Cheeze-it *munch munch*
Currently listeneing to: Passion~Utada Hikaru

I FINISHED THE PICTURE!!! YAY! I can't wait to scan it in. Maybe my brother knows how. I'll ask soon enough...oh wait he just left...DANG!

I've been going on walks a lot recently(Exept yesterday..>.< STUPID RAIN!!!! No! I love the rain, DON'T KILL ME!!!! >.< ) Silove inspired me, THANK YOU SILOVE! And also today I tried on my Orginazation XIII robe again after a couple of months, still as tight as ever. So, by halloween and the anime convention in october, I want to fit in it better. *shoves a handfull of cheeze it in mouth* Why the heck am I still eating these things! *throws box* Well, that felt good, but made a huge mess, *cleans up* Anyways, My dog is overweight too, so I'll take him with me.

Also I've been doing a lot of sewing recently. And my friends are still awaiting on the kimonos I promised them. I need to wait till a good sale on fabric, okay? Silove and KK.

As for my new story, I'm only on page 3 of chap 1. But it means that It's now ten pages long. I can't move the story along till I find out what to call the heroine, I'm thinking a japanese name like Hikari or something like that. I dunno, something will come up eventually.

Gotta go, see yas!


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