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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

   I Ish Back! >D
Well....sorry if I haven't been posting....
It's because I've been busy with deviantART >D
And ever since Version Vibrant came, I thought no one uses MyO anymore ._.
Guess I was wrong XDDD
Well, I'll be posting again starting...NOW
I WILL post again....but that depends if someone ever comments on my posts :\
gahh well....
and I was wondering....do you think I still should be posting my fanarts here??


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Sunday, March 16, 2008

well...I found VV very colorful...but I got REALLY confused at first. I was panicing and asking myself "WTH WHERE DO I SUBMIT MY ART?! WHERE?!?!?!" XD So, tnx KungPowChicken for telling me where to submit my art :D ^^; eh......but last night, i sumbitted my Sasuke ANBU pic.....then when I checked my portfolio the next day....it never showed up T.T* ...ah well....i'll try next time...
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Last week, Sunday, it's was our school's Family Day (the one where I had to cartwheel -.-;)held in Eco Park. I went there with my parents and Ayie(my cousin).

When I got there, all of my classmates (...well, except for Jet, dunno wut happened to him then)were lined up, waiting to do the Feild Exercise Demo that we've been practicing for. The Field Demo was ok except for the part when me and Gillian had to cartwheel........THE SURFACE WAS SOO DAMN ROCKY!! I could only do 3 cartwheels out of six T_T....-.- and my hands ached for a while...

Well.....anyway, after the friggin' Field Demo, I introduce Ayie to some of my classmates. We ate fast after that while listening to souljaboy (watch me YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!! <(^^<) <(^^<) <(^^<) (>^^)> (>^^)> (>^^)> ) since we were looking forward to playing paint ball. ALL OF US (classmates, including my cuzz) signed up for the paint ball and it took us 1 and a half hours until we got to play because we were 15 in all...plus a few other random schoolmates had to wear the vest, helmet and arm pads for protection and since most of the vest and arm pads didn't fit, they had to tape it....whcih took extra time. We were split into two teams....Green and Black. We (me, ayie, alecx, brennick, victor, mikho, ian, paola, paul) were the black team, and the remaining others wre the Green team. After a long discussion of the rules from the owner, we finally got to play the game.

The game was kinda silent in the start... they put me, victor and paola in the front while the others were at our base and we started to run around, looking for a good hiding spot to target the enemies. As soon as one of the two teams fired, we went on like CRAZY. But I sniped and tried to aim for them. Not long after five minutes, only me, victor and paola were left from our team. Me and victor stayed in a hiding place where there was a net, so we could be seen, we both spotted our enemy coming close to us so we started shooting nonstop until victor was shot but had two paint balls left. Me and the enemy kept firing each other face to face, but I got shot first....xP then me and the other people who got shot went out of the battle area.....Paola was still in the battle. After about 3 mins. the remaining people who played got out of the battle area...Green team won. Then, the remaing members who still had bullets went in for a second fight. It was a REALLY short battle for 2 mins. and our team won. We showede eachother the places where we've been shot and I found out I was the ONLY one who got shot at the armpit XDDDD

Well anyway..... a few of us left already, but we proceeded to the biking area. We had a lot of fun chasing each other around. Apperently...TYracey was always the target XD And teacher rode on Victor's bike and Victor had a hard time biking bcuz of her weight....

Then......tracey, patrick and paola had to go so only me, ayie, gillian, her annoying little brother, victor and alecx were left and we went back and ate a little for a while......then we tried boating.

Me, ayie, alecx and gillian on one boat, and victor, AG (gillian's buttmunch of a brother...) and gillian and AG's two maids on the other. Victor kept on splashing us and I ws the one with the most wet parts so I went crazy and had sweet revenge (REVENNNGE!!!!!). After that, we wanted to check out rock climbing but when we got there, it was out of order so we went to the fitness trail instead.

We hang on to the ropes and alecx een squeeled like a monkey XD then there was monkey bars and other unusual obstacles not commonly seen in a fitness trail.... We got time to run around too and hang on a tree (LITERALLY)......

Lastly, we wanted to go swimming, but the swimming pool was closed so NO MORE SWIMMING D: DX to spoil our fun even more, all of us had to go home....T.T eh.... anyway, we had fun in more ways ^^


1. did u wish u were with us???


3. how does it feel when there's NO MORE SWIMMING???D:


PS: sorry for updating just now ^^; and the field trip pics would come in soon! ^^

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

I just found out...............the cosplay's on Feb. 14(which is Thursday next week)!!!! I found out when a teacher asked me if I could draw 22 anime pics for the Valentine's Day celebration.I was like OMG REALLY?! because I haven't thought of lines for us to say :P Anyway...about the 22 anime pics. I've done about 17 pics. Specifically.... Naruto, Tenten, Sasuke, Shikamaru, Kin, Kurenai, Ino, Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Kiba, Shino, Neji, and others that I forgot since I didn't double check it ^^; It's all going fine if u ask me :D
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Friday, February 1, 2008

   teh field trip!!!!
We had the field trip a while ago ^^ The only thing was......teacher didn't let us run around and stuff while at the touring spots T.T anyway.......I took some pretty whacked out pics of Jet and Paul and some otherxD So all in all it was fun ^^ PICS FROM THE FIELD TRIP ARE COMING SOOON!!!! :D
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