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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Time: 10:30 AM
Song: Shissou (Ending Theme to Ouran High School Host Club)
Artist: Last Alliance
Feeling: Crappy
Drinking: Coffee



5000 mairu hashitte Iki o kirashite
Adorenarin 100 rittoru 5tai subete furu kadou

Koko made kureba ii darou? Doko made ga OK?
Machi o irodoru kigi wa moyougae kurikaeshiteru

Kawarihateta shirosa Kawarenai yowasa
Ima koko ni iru jibun o shinjitai

Nigite hidarite furikazashite yami o kirisaite GO!
Itsuwari wa nai ze Kakugo kimeteru ze
Sutaato kitta sono shunkan kara sekai wa hirogaru sa

Mabataki o kurikaesu furuku iroaseta
Gaitou ni michibikare itsumo no kaerimichi o yuku

Sabireta machi ni natsukashii kaze ga fuki
Oikaze ni natte senaka osu n da

Namida kareru made sono akirame mune ni shimatte STOP!
Gooru wa nai ze Orikaeshi mo nai ze
Kaze o kitte kakenukeru kagirinai shissou

Letís return those bitter days Akete minai ka?
Yume tojikometa pandora no hako o

Sente gote dochira to te koma susumerya banji OK!
Yasunde mo ii ze Ore wa shitteru ze
Koko made no purosesu sore ga kimi no akashi sa

Nigite hidarite furikazashite yami o kirisaite



Running 5000 miles and running out of breath
100 Liters of adrenaline; all five units are fully operational

Itís fine to stop here, right? To where is OK?
The trees that color the town are remodeling themselves again and again

The completely changed whiteness; the unchangeable weakness
I want to believe in the me here now

Hold out your right hand and left hand and slash apart the darkness, GO!
Thereís no pretense; Iím prepared
From the moment when you crossed the start, the world expands

Guided by faded streetlights that blink again and again
I go along on the usual way home

In the rusted town, a nostalgic wind blows
Turns into tailwind, and pushes my back

Until your tears dry, put away your resignation in your chest, STOP!
Thereís no goal; thereís no turning back
An endless, driving sprint that cuts through the wind

Letís return those bitter days, wonít you try opening it?
The Pandoraís box that imprisoned your dream

Whether you go first or last, if you advance then everythingís OK!
Itís okay to rest; I know it
The progress up to here; thatís your proof

Hold out your right hand and left hand and slash apart the darkness,





My mom is making me read the BIBLE of all fucked up things. And if I don't read 3 CHAPTERS and memorize the TEN COMMANDMENTS I'm not allowed on the internet anymore. *chucks Bible at the wall* MOTHERFUCKER!!

I'm not reading it, just to let you know. In fact, I only read 2 pages to make her (mom) shut up. I found something interesting though (ZOMG). On the second page, it says:

"Therefore, whoever kills Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold."

That got me to thinking to Avenged Sevenfold (a band). Not only that, but to make it cooler, Avenged Sevenfold actually GOT their band name from that. That was pretty cool.

Also, God didn't create the Bible AT ALL. Mankind did, so there's really no proof of God, Satan, Heaven, Hell, Angels, Devils, blah, blah, BLAH. And when I told my mom this, she yelled at me, and THAT'S where this little conversation started...

Me: Why do I have to read this stupid thing? *holds bible up*

Mom: Because you're going to get your ass kicked if I ever catch you saying that again!!

Me: Whatever... *walks out and stops* What's it going to do for me later in life anyway? Huh?

Mom: A lot of things. Things you can't even imagine! *Sparkly Shoujo Effects surround her*

Me: Yeah right. Like what?

Mom: A lot of things, Samantha. Now get to bed. (When she says "a lot of things" that means "absolutely nothing".)

Me: Now you're starting to sound like those Jehova Witnesses.


Me: Tsk. *smirks* I hate those people.

I'm still not going to read it- but seriously. What's it going to do later in life? Turn an apartment into a mansion? A penny into a dollar? Come on. That's what SHE believes in. My mom has her beliefs, and I have mine. But she doesn't respect mine, but I respect hers. Now she's just pissing me off.

I hate religion, but I'm not athiest. I just hate it. That's it. All these fucking cunts telling you what you should believe in, go to church, read this and that- it's all BULLSHIT!! So, sorry if I offended you, but this is my honest opinion.

Yeah, life's been pretty crappy lately... Sorry for the rant. Didn't mean to fuck your day up too. *hangs head down*


Well, yesterday we went to Borders and OMG. They had Death Note Vol. 8, AND!! AND!!



But when I checked the prices, I got depressed. Yaoi manga: $12.99; Death Note: $7.98

So I settled for Death Note. :3 And the chapters were so long, I SWEAR. And I also watched an episode of Death Note, and remembered how awesome it was. XD lol Volume 8 is really good though. Pretty boring because there was so much talking an thinking, but it was also kinda funny. ^__^

Ouran High School Host Club

Yeah, for the past 2 in a half weeks, I've been watching Ouran High School Host Club (thanks, ElvesAteMyRamen ^__^). And let me tell you- it is THEE cutest, funniest, and most, well, cute anime I've ever seen!! For 26 episodes, it was adorable. I finished all the episodes already, so I'm thinking that my next theme will OHSHC. ^___^



Picture of the Day

L- Death Note

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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