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Friday, August 18, 2006

Time: 10:16 AM
Song: Love Like Winter
Artist: AFI
Feeling: Happeh
Drinking: Coffee


Warn your warmth to turn away
Here it's December every day
Press your lips to the sculptures
and surely you'll stay (Love like winter)
for of sugar and ice, I am made, I am made

It's in the blood, it's in the blood
I met my love before I was born
He wanted love. I taste of blood
He bit my lip and drank my war
from years before, from years before

She exhales vanilla lace.
I barely dreamt her yesterday, yesterday
Read the lines in the mirror
Through the lipstick trace "Por Siempre"
She said, "it seems you're somewhere far away" to his face

It's in the blood, it's in the blood
I met my love before I was born.
She wanted love. I taste of blood,
She bit my lip and drank my war
From years before, from years before

Love like winter, oh, oh...
Love like winter, winter... 3,4

It's in the blood, it's in the blood
I met my love before I was born.
He wanted love. I taste of blood.
He bit my lip and drank my war
from years before, from years before


Hi! ^_^ Miss me?


Yep, just what the title says! w00t!! I'm back. ^^ And with a new theme! We'll get to that in a second. Sooo, with my two-week absence, I managed to come up with some drawing ideas! BOO-SHA!! *punches fist in the air* Sooo... nothing much going on with anybody? I don't know. I wasn't here, but now I am. XD

New Theme

Alright, before people start bitching and flaming and hurling, I must say something.
I know you all have opinions on the GaaNeji pairing, and that's cool. But when I hear, "Dude! That's just sick!" or "WTF wer u thinking?!!11135436 Neji iz m1ine!!!121" or "That is just disgusting. Neji belongs with TenTen! Not that Sand freak!" you're just pissing me off. It's not an opinion to me. So have an OPINION and not a stupid thing to say. So pretty please, with a cherry on top, be nice. If you don't have anything NICE to say about it, SHUT THE FUCK UP and don't say ANYTHING.

Now, WHY I did the theme...

I just realized that I had come across three obsessions of mine over the two weeks I was absent. Here were the following themes to be done:

Please don't go blind. ^^;

Gaara x Neji (Naruto)
Eddy x Double D (Ed, Edd, 'n Eddy)
Cosmo x Timmy (Fairly Odd Parents)

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I have sick mind. Get used to it. Anywho, I went with choice one because I haven't done a Naruto theme in God knows how long. Oh yeah, plus, there were no available backgrounds for the other two. -_-;


Today, I have to go to La Sierra High to register as a freshman. Oh geeee... Let me go find a container for my joy... T_T

Discussion Time!

NB: Well, seing how L and Raito had to go back to Japan to solve the Kira case, they left me with no one to harass... T^T But I've fixed that!! I introduce... NEJI AND GAARA!! 8D *claps*

Neji: ...Why am I here?

Gaara: You ask me.

Neji: Hey, you're that guy from the sand.

Gaara: And you're the blind asshole.

Neji: *twitches* For the last time... IT'S A FUCKING BLOODLINE!! *stomps foot angrily*

NB: Okay! No fighting in my domain!

Neji: Who are you?

Gaara: Yeah, I need to know that.

NB: Why?

Gaara: So that I can take out your insides.

NB: O_o Uuuuh... I'll just give you my alias... The name's NarutoBlackmail! But you can just call me NB for short. *grabs Neji and Gaara's hands and shakes them*

Neji: Why is Naruto's name in your alias?

NB: Uh... no comment.

Gaara: Tell us!!

NB: Okay! Sheesh... It's because I blackmail all of the characters from your time. *crosses arms and pouts*

Gaara: Blackmail?

NB: Yes, blackmail.

Neji: Wait... WHAT DO YOU HAVE ON ME?!

NB: Nothing my dear boy... yet.

Gaara: *shoves Neji out of the way* What about me?

NB: Ummm... I own this 4 page doujinshi when you and Sasuke are being spied on by Kakashi on your date. ^^

Neji: *busts out laughing*

Gaara: O_O WHAT?!

NB: Oh, Neji, my dear. You shouldn't be laughing.

Neji: Why not? It's hilarious!

NB: Because you have NO IDEA that our little... friendship has just begun... Prepare to be tortured slowly... and... uh... Fuck. I don't have anything to say. O_o

Neji: ...

Gaara: We're screwed aren't we?

Neji: I think so Gaara... I think so...

Picture of the Day

The Boys
This is by a member of Otaku. (can't remember the name)

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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