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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Time: 8:39 AM
Song: Snow (Hey Oh)
Artist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers
Feeling: Tired/Awake
Drinking: Coffee


Come to the side , that the things that I tried, where in my life just to get high on
When I sit alone, Come get a little long, but I need more than myself this time

Step from the world, to the sea, to the sky and I do believe that we rely on.
When I laid on, Come get de plaid on, all my life to sacrifice

Hey Oohhh
Listen what I say Oohhh
I got your Heeyy oohh
Now listen what I say Oohh

When will I know, that I really can't go to the Well one small town to decide on.
When it's killing me, when will I really see, all that I need to look inside

Come to the leave, that I better not leave, Before I killing me , when do I really need, all that I need to look inside.

Hey Oohhh
Listen what I say Oohhh
Come back and Heeyy oohh
looking back what I say Oohh

The more I see , the less i know, the more I like to let it go
Heey ooh, Whoohoo

People need the colour of another perfect wonder where it's so white as snow.


Hi! ^_^

Otaku Problems

Okay, I'm sorry if I could not comment on your site yesterday. The reason why is because when I came on here at about... 9PM or something, it was screwing up so bad! I couldn't comment anyone, and my Backroom got totally screwed up. I hope they fix this problem soon. This has been going on for forever and it's reeeally starting to piss me off to an absolute no end. -_-


Duuude... I was on deviantART ALL. DAY. YESTERDAY. I don't know why... I think I'm becoming addicted. O_o

The Most Funniest/Random Thought I Could Ever Think Up

Does everyone see my webcam picture on deviantART? Go ahead, I'll give you five seconds to look at it and laugh at Smosh.
Done? Okay. Well, I just thought of GAARA slapping the shit out of NEJI exactly like that. I laughed my ass off so loud and hard that my mom was giving me this "WTF?" look. LOL It was hilarious.

It may not be funny to you, but I think it's funny. X3

Street Scene, awaaaay!!

Well, I'll be leaving to San Diego for the concert tomorrow. My Dad'll be picking me up, and I don't know when I'll be back. But I'll be sure to update over there! So I'll see ya when I see ya. *does a two-finger salute*

Discussion Time!

NB: *runs in the living room and starts screaming with insane happy joy* DUDE!! I CAN'T FREAKIN' WAIT UNTIL THE DEATH NOTE MOVIE COMES OUT!!

Raito: (...) And just when is it going to be released in the United States?


L: *sweatdrop*

NB: Well, I must get to packing!

Raito: What? Why?

NB: I'm leaving to San Diego tomorrow for Street Scene! Duh!

Raito: Oh yeah... What's a Street Scene?

L: It's a 2 day concert held in San Diego where many, many bands perform. It's held once every year in June, July, and/or August. This year just so happens to be August.

NB: Thanks for explaining it to him L!!

L: My pleasure.

Raito: -_-+ Anyway, we're coming with you.

NB: Are you sure? There's going to be A LOT of people there. Last year, there were over 100,000 people over there! And that was only for ONE day!!

L: Wow...

Raito: So?! Who knows when you'll be doing another DN theme? We're going!

NB: Yay!!

L: *shrugs*

NB: San Diego, here we come!!

Picture of the Day

The Human Shinigami of Heaven and Hell

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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