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Monday, July 31, 2006

Time: 11:18 AM
Song: Agoraphobia
Artist: Incubus
Feeling: Happy
Drinking: Coffee


Two people touching lips
Hands on each other's hips
Nothing in else in the world but one another

The 42nd floor
On a distant shore
I wonder how we strayed so far from this

Remember when we were
Just flesh and bone you sir
May have forgotten how good your world could be
So, put down your hollow tips
And kiss your lovers lips
And know that fate is what you make of it

Please end this
Before it ends us

I wanna stay inside
I wanna stay inside for good
I wanna stay inside
For good

I read the news today
And everything they say
Just makes me want to stay inside

And a better part of me knows
That waiting in the throws
Is on the par with reading with my eyes closed

"What Can I do?", You say
It's just another day
In the life of Apes with ego trips

Put down your hollow tips
And kiss your lover's lips
And learn that fate is what we make of it

Please end this
Before it ends us

I wanna stay inside
I wanna stay inside for good
I wanna stay inside
For good

I'm gonna stay inside
I'm gonna stay inside for good
I'm gonna stay inside
For Good
For Good

I wanna stay inside
I wanna stay inside for good
I wanna stay inside
Don't want to stay inside for good...


Hi! ^_^

Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"

Hello, and welcome to Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"! It's a show where we take the most wierdest CRACK pairings and see what you, our readers think about them! I'm your hostess, NB. Today's wierd-ass pairing is from Naruto.
Sasuke x Konohamaru
CHILD MOLESTATION!! RAPE!! AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHH!!! *stabs eyes with a spork*

And that's our show for today! Place your vote in the comments box on what you think this pairing makes you think:

B) Eh.


Aaaaah... My vacation went splendidly, yes indeed. ^^ Santa Cruz hasn't changed a bit. The people are the same, downtown is the same... Nothing's changed at all. I enjoyed seeing everything the way it was in my childhood. Only... a few things chnaged. They built new stores and houses and across the street where I used to live. But what hit me, was that where I grew up.... It's as if after we moved out of there, everything died. The grass that was once green was now dead and brown. My old house now has a fence and gate blocking any entry in. Someone bought our neighborhood, and seeing the total destruction of everything I once new and loved, made me want to cry. I seriously wanted to cry. But I didn't and held it in. I still can't get over what happened to my old neighborhood. Everything just... died.
Overall, seeing my hometown again was good enough. I just wished they had left things the way they were.


We went downtown in Santa Cruz to look at all the stores and I waited outside to look at all the cute/hot guys. Trust me, EVERY SINGLE GUY THERE IS HOT. :) Anyway, I waited outside staring at the clouds and enjoying the cool weather (60-something degrees), and this guy that looked about 19 or 20 came up to me.

Man: Hey, are you okay? Are you lost? Are you waiting for someone?

Me: Oh, no, my mom is in there paying for some stuff. *jabs thumb in the store*

Man: Oh, I see.

*short silence*

Man: I like your necklace.

Me: *grabs necklace* Oh, thanks. (My necklace)

Man: *nods and walks away* Well, later!

Me: Bye... *waves* That was really... weird... O_o

I don't know who he was, but I told my mom about it. She said it might have been a pervert or something. I wouldn't doubt it, but I guess it's a 50/50 chance. *shrugs*


I finished that picture alive yet dead wanted me to, based on my Yaoi Vision!! WARNING: THIS HAS MATURE CONTENT AND YAOI. IF YOU DO NOT LIKE THIS SORT OF THING, THEN DO NOT CLICK THE LINK!!

Silver and Cold

Do you like? It's on my deviantART account also.

Discussion Time (is back again!)

NB: *kicks the door open* I'M BAAAAAACK!!

Raito: *reading a book on the couch and looks up* And the silence is broken.

L: Welcome back, NB.

NB: Thanks, L! Hey! I brought you guys something back!

Raito: Really? What? *whispers* Dare I ask...

NB: *opens suitcase* L, I brought you back Pink Popcorn! *hands him a box filled with pink popcorn (and YES, Pink Popcorn is REAL)*

L: *smiles* KYA!! 8D Thanks, NB!!

NB: Uh huh! And Raito! I didn't know what you'd like, so I got you this! *hands him a black box with a crimson ribbon tied on it*

Raito: Really? For me? Well, thanks...

NB: I think you'll like it. ^_^

Raito: *unties the ribbon* I wonder what it is... *opens it and blushes heavily*

L: What is it, Raito-kun?

NB: Ish a book!! A book on how to fulfill your sexual fantasies!! XD I got it for ten bucks at this really awesome Hot Topic-like store downtown!!

Raito: Wow... um... that's really... thoughtful of you NB... Thanks... ^_^;

NB: You're welcome!! I knew you'd like it!

L: ... *smirks at Raito*

Raito: Uh... L? What's with the ribbon...?

L: *binds Raito's hands together and drags him into the other room*

NB: o_o? Heh?

*Suddenly, you can hear banging and moaning from the other room*

NB: *blushes heavily and has a nosebleed* EeeEEeehHHHhh... *covers nose* The first thing I need from when I get home would be to hot bishies making out. LOUDLY. *runs into the camera room*

Picture of the Day

Ish an icon!! 8D

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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