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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Time: 11:30 AM
Song: Ball and Chain
Artist: Social Distortion
Feeling: Bouncy
Drinking: Coffee


Well it's been ten years and a thousand tears
And look at the mess I'm in
A broken nose and a broken heart,
An empty bottle of gin
Well I sit and I pray
In my broken down Chevrolet
While I'm singin' to myself
There's got to be another way

Take away, take away
Take away this ball and chain
Well I'm lonely and I'm tired
And I can't take any more pain
Take away, take away
Never to return again
Take away, take away
Take away
Take away this ball and chain

Well I've searched and I've searched
To find the perfect life
A brand new car and a brand new suit
I even got me a little wife
But wherever I have gone
I was sure to find myself there
You can run all your life
But not go anywhere

Take away, take away
Take away this ball and chain
Well I'm sick and I'm tired
And I can't take any more pain
Take away, take away
Never to return again
Take away, take away
Take away
Take away this ball and chain

Well I'll pass the bar on the way
To my dingy hotel room
I spent all my money
I've been drinkin' since half past noon
Well I'll wake there in the mornin'
Or maybe in the county jail
Times are hard getting harder
I'm born to lose and destined to fail

Take away, take away
Take away this ball and chain
Well I'm lonely and I'm tired
And I can't take any more pain
Take away, take away
Never to return again
Take away, take away
Take away
Take away this ball and chain



THAT IS REAL FUCKING PUNK/ROCK MUSIC *points up to the lyrics* Compare those lyrics to today's Rock music lyrics.


Hi. ^_^

Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"

Hello, and welcome to Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"! It's a show where we take the most wierdest CRACK pairings and see what you, our readers think about them! I'm your hostess, NB. Today's wierd-ass pairing is from Naruto.
Shukaku x Gaara
(It's Demon/Host porn! XD )

And that's our show for today! Place your vote in the comments box on what you think this pairing makes you think:

B) Eh.


Here's a funny story that I think is slightly NOT funny. I have a memory loss at times, so everytime, no matter what the situation is, I always forget what happened or what IS happening. Here's a story that involves me and my "good" friend, Pamela, who takes ADVANTAGE of my horrible mind loss. XP (Really, she's my friend. We just fuck with each other's heads a lot. ^^ )
Pamela and Luz
Pamela is the girl in the brown jacket, and Luz is the one in the black jacket.

We were in science and arugueing about something.

Me: No! That's it!! I'm gonna get my razor out and cut you dammit!! (I use the razor to sharpen my pencils because that makes 'em REALLY sharp! 8D )

Pamela: NO!! D8

Me: *takes out razor* HAHA!! Now give me my Yaoi picture back or I'm gonna- *SPARK* <---Sound of memory loss

Pamela: O_o? What? You're gonna what?

Me: *scratches temple* I... don't know... What were we talking about? I can't remember...

Pamela: *idea* Oh, nothing, Sami! We were just quietly paying attention in class while you DIDN'T have the razor out! ^^;

Me: *looks at razor* Huh. *puts it away and shrugs and pays attention back in class*

Pamela: Whew... ^_^

I never DID get that Yaoi picture back... -_-


Okaaaayyy... I had yet ANOTHER weird ass dream!! O_o Where should I begin... Oh yes. This is a good spot.

I'm walking into a movie theater and sitting down for the movie. It starts immediately. I realize it's Toy Story 3. O_o I know. Shut up. Anyway, I didn't bother to move because I was sitting with popcorn and a good soda. Mmmm... Anywho, not many people were watching, so I just stared at the screen. And then I heard... CUSSING IN THE MOVIE!! Yes!! CUSSING in a child's movie!! I was all... "Okay... This is disturbing..." and I walk out. Suddenly, I'm being attacked by psychotic killers!! All from The Hills Have Eyes and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre!! Not to mention, there were a few Skeloten Pirates throwing bombs and such at people from Pirates of the Carribean. I was hit a lot, but didn't die. O_o I WAS IMMORTAL!! And then, Hiei and Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho come along and just stand there!! I'm all, "WTF?!! FIGHT!! DO SOMETHING!!" Then they looked at eachother and Kurama grinned coyly at Hiei. I was all, "Okay... You want to have sex, there's a barn right there." and they left. And then...

I woke up.

Weird, huh?


See Ya!

Well, today's meh last day here! Is it Wednesday already? *looks at Naruto calendar* Yep. Damn, I can't even keep up with the days now... -_- Anyway, I'll see you all on Saturday, but my post may be a little late. It's an 8 hour drive after all. I think we'll be leaving reeeally early in the morning. I don't mind at all. I love the car ride. Everything is so peaceful and calm. Just like it always used to be. That is, until you get to Hollywood. -_-; Anyway, I'll see you all in 2 days!! ^^

Discussion Time!

NB: *opens the door* Hey, L! I'm back!

L: Ah, hello NB-san. Did you find Raito-kun?

NB: Heh Heh Heh... *drags in a tied up Raito, gagged with a facecloth* Hgjgiygbhgjf!!

L: O.O

NB: Took me a while to catch him, but I finally got 'em!! Here you go. *grabs Raito and gives the rope to L*

L: *unties Raito and un-gags him* You okay?


NB: Gee Raito... You're going to get your wish!! I gotta go pack.

Raito&L: Pack? For what?

NB: *takes out a giant suitcase from the closet* I'm gonna go back home for 2 days! ^_^

Raito: What do you mean, "back home"? Isn't this your home?

NB: *makes a disgusted look* Psh!! As if!! I hate this place more than anything!!

L: What do you mean, NB-san?

NB: This isn't my real home, I mean. I just keep thinking that this is a really long visit and I'm waiting to get out of here.

L: I see...

NB: Well, if you boys will excuse me, I must go get ready for tomorrow. *walks away into her room*

Raito: By the tone of her voice, she must have menat every word she said about this place.

L: Indeed.

*In NB's Room*

NB: *packing some clothes* It may be for only a short period of time, but a lot can happen in just two days.

*Knock, knock*

NB: Who is it?

L: Me and Raito.

NB: Enter.

L: *opens the door, and they walk in* Are you done?

NB: Almost. I just need my art supplies and CD player along with my CDs.

Raito: You still have a CD PLAYER? Why not get an iPOD?

NB: Because iPODS break easily and they cost too much. CD Players can kick the iPOD's ass ANY day. *hugs CD player*

Raito: -_-;

NB: Well, that should be it!

L: Done already?

NB: Yup.

L: Great! Let's all go to that pizza parlor across the street, in honor of NB's absence!

NB: Yeah! They have a DDR machine there!!

Raito: Fine... But who's gonna be paying?

L & NB: *look at him* *in unision* YOU.

Raito: I just HAD to ask...

L & NB: *run out the door* YES!! DDR!! PIZZA!! LET'S GET SOME CAKE TOO!! YEAH!!

Raito: I can only imagine her when she's 16... T^T

Picture of the Day

And we all thought it was a 'Happily Ever After'....

See you Saturday guys!


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