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Friday, July 21, 2006

Time: 11:30 AM
Song: Burn It Down
Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
Feeling: Bored
Drinking: Coffee


Jealousy's an ugly word, but you don't seem to care.
Converse behind my back, but now I'm here.
Need no one to comply with me through everone that I defeat.
Don't need you, fuck camaraderie, this rage will never go away.

Hatred fuels my blood, I'll burn ya down (you cant help me)
One king to watch the horseman fall, I'll fight 'til the end (I won't help you)
I can't trust anyone, see it in my eyes.
Now I can understand, it's sorrow that feeds your lies.

You're on my back when the water gets too deep for you to breathe.
A crutch for you that won't always be there.
Die in the dark another day, the fear in you is here to stay.
So keep the fuck away from me and learn to trust the words I say.

I can't trust anyone, witness and see it in my eyes.
Now I can understand, put faith in you for the last time.
It's sorrow that feeds your lies.

Run from me before I tear you down (be afraid)
You chose the wrong side (it feels so right)
I won't help you, let you rot away.
Run toward the light exposing your soul (we weon't be there by your side)
Salvation's dying (somebody's crying)
We're all gone in the end, sweet chile, we'll miss you.
No, so far away.

Falling away, can't buy back time.
Burned it down anyway.


Hi. ^_^

Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"

Hello, and welcome to Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"! It's a show where we take the most wierdest CRACK pairings and see what you, our readers think about them! I'm your hostess, NB. Today's wierd-ass pairing is from Naruto yet again (because it has the most CRACK pairings EVER).
Gai x Naruto
Insanity at its best. ...or worst. Nearly everything on this page has made me wonder how much crack someone would need to smoke in order to conceive something like (some of >_>) this stuff. Some have scared me quite thoroughly, and others have made me giggle insanely due to how absurd it is. But (mostly) all of them made me wonder, 'what the fuck?' and I hope it'll have that same effect on you.

...don't go blind, please. >_>

-Owner for SoDaSexy

She just said every word that I was thinking.

And that's our show for today! Place your vote in the comments box on what you think this pairing makes you think:

B) Eh.

Past References (Again)

I don't think that any of you knew that I used to skateboard, huh? Didn't think so. Anyway, I don't skateboard anymore, but I used to back in my elementary days. The question is, WHY don't I skate anymore? It's simple.
I crashed and burned. -__-
Not literally, but here's the story. ^^

I was skateboarding outside, and kept trying to practice to get better. My mom told me to stay in front of the yard so I couldn't get hurt. Man, was that bitch wrong. *laughs* I went up a little faster, and there was a fence. I was going to TRY and jump over it, but failed miserably. How? There just so happened to be a SQUIRREL IN MY WAY. So, to avoid squishing and killing the little critter, I turned, tripped, and crashed into the fence in front of me. I only got a few scratches and bruises from my crash, but I've hated squirrels ever since. -__-

My mom told me to not skateboard anymore, so I didn't. But I'm going to try and take it up again soon. :\

I hope my pain amused you. XD

Story Update

For those of you who don't know, I posted chapter 25 of Boys Don't Cry. If you DON'T know. Please go read and review. ^^ It makes me happy. And I'm working on chapter 26 now as we speak. Hopefully it'll be done by next week.
<.< >.>
Hopefully. O_o

Discussion Time!

NB: Mwahahahaha.... Now... Let's see what they're up to... *stares at the TV screen anxiously*

Back in NB's room...

L: You wanted to talk?

Raito: I... er... yeah...

L: .... *is waiting*

Raito: Look... I'm sorry. I'm really, really sorry for what I said back there.

L: !

Raito: I didn't mean for that to happen...

L: Then why did you MAKE it happen?

Raito: Because I was-

L: Afraid I'd detest you?

Raito: Yes, but-

L: You think I would really do that?!

Raito: L!! JUST SHUT UP!!

L: *flinches*

NB: I swear to God, Raito... If you screw this up again, you are a DEAD MAN!! DO YOU HEAR?!! A DEAD MAN!!

Raito: You don't know... how I... feel...

L: Huh?

Raito: You're the detective. You should have figured it out long ago.

L: What?

*grabs his hand*

Raito: I...

L: *thinking* My heart's beating a little too fast... Is that normal? O_o

Raito: I lo...

NB: *is totally glued to the TV screen* SAY IT YOU MOTHERFUCKING FUCK OF A FUCKY... er... FUCK!! *is running out of insults*

Raito: I love you, L!!

L: *widens his eyes and blushes*

NB: *falls out of her chair and quickly gets back up* SQUEEEE!! HE SAID IT!! I CONFESSED!! *throws confetti*

L: R-Raito-kun...

Raito: *shuts him up by kissing him PASSIONATELY*

L: !!


Doujinshi of the Year

Remember last year when I posted a doujinshi up for Naruto's birthday? Well, instead of a Picture of the Day, each year, we have one Doujinshi of the Year! So this year's, is Death Note!!

WARNING: This contains Yaoi, and hilarity among your wildest dreams. I swear you not, you will laugh until you DIE.

Light Note



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