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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Time: 11:59 AM
Song: Humane
Artist: Lacuna Coil
Feeling: The Usual
Drinking: Coffee that has honey in it instead of sugar because we ran out of sugar... -__-


You walk on by
without feeling to your stroll

You walk alone

it's just another contradiction
You're not alone

There's a place
you've run away
that is in your heart
it is in your heart

In your heart
Your love again

There's a place to be afraid
There's another chain to hold
and you don't know

You need it by your side
just let him know

Your hell is when you dream
and I'm awake

Look into your heart
Deep into your heart

In your heart
Your love again

There is none for
Love is not afraid

In your heart
Your love again...


Hi. ^_^

Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"

Hello, and welcome to Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"! It's a show where we take the most wierdest CRACK pairings and see what you, our readers think about them! I'm your hostess, NB. Today's wierd-ass pairing is from Naruto.
Itachi x Tayuya
Not only do these two not know eachother, but they don't even talk to one another!! Besides, you can obviously tell that Tayuya likes Shikamaru (like 2 other girls we know). And Itachi? Well, let's just say this:
Incest is best, put your brother to the test! 8D

And that's our show for today! Place your vote in the comments box on what you think this pairing makes you think:

B) Eh.


I submitted some fanart, but it's not showing... What the fuck? It's the same on deviantART!! If you go to the activity button on my devART account, you should see a link that says "Everyday Matters". That's my new fanart. WHY ISN'T IT SHOWING?!! DAMMIT!! DX


Here's another story of my past life, because my life right now is very uninteresting. ^__^;;

When I was in third grade, we were sitting in class, and our regular class clown was getting himself into trouble. As usual. So when my 3rd grade teacher called the office to notify his mom. I guess he was talking back to her or something. So his mom came in a few minutes later, and did what I did not expect. She started yelling and cussing at our teacher, like, how her kid was troubled and couldn't handle himself properly. Lady, your kid did and said things a 3rd grader shouldn't!! Never in my life (or any of the kids in my class) have heard so much cussing used in one sentence. O_o I was scared, but now that I look back on it, it was very funny to see another human being make a fool of themself. God, people amuse me with their stupidity. XD We never saw him again. I guess her kid switched schools. *shrugs*

Discussion Time!

Raito: Are you sure he'll accept it?

NB: Hey! You got yourself into some deep shit yesterday! You think an apology will fix that? No. You need to talk to him and explain everything. AND TELL THE TRUTH. OR I WILL KILL YOU. *deathglares*

Raito: *shudders* Yes ma'am...

L: *walks in* Oh... Hi...

NB: There you are L!! *runs up to him* Your eyes are all red... L... Ha... Have you been crying?

Raito: !

L: Maybe...

NB: T__T GOD, I hate to see you like this!! Well, Raito here wants to tell you something!

L: *looks at Raito* ?

Raito: *blushes and stares at the floor and nods*

L: Okay. I want to hear what he has to say anyway.

Raito: !!

NB: Great!! Well, I'll leave you two alone!! I'm gonna go in the other room and watch some TV!! Later!! Oh... And Raito?

Raito: Yeah?

NB: If you so much as make L cry again... *slides her index finger across her neck* GGGSHNK!!

Raito: O_O

NB: Bye bye, luvs! ^_^ *shuts the door*

*NB walks into a room down the hallways and locks it. She turns on the TVs, and watches*

NB: Sure I said I was going to tell them that I was going to watch TV, but I never said that it was going to be everyday TV!! I set up some cameras in the whole house, so now I can see everything!! Now let's see what Raito and L are up to!! *smirks*

Sorry the discussion is so short... T_T

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