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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Time: 11:20 AM
Song: I Will For You
Artist: Waking Ashland
Feeling: Distressed
Drinking: Coffee


Something's very wrong here
Your heart has frozen over
and something's very strange here
You've lost all desire
The comfort we create to prove
We're something
But we're starving
Screaming in the night cause you want answers
From the one
And there is hope again

Don't give up, your not thinking
Don't give up, just keep seeking
And I, I am for you
And I, I will love you
And I, I am for you
And I, I will save you

Come and take my face or forever I
Will walk alone
And all the same mistakes
Cause I know you, I deny you
Days go by and choices still remain forever
Right and wrong is black and white
The illusions of this world
And there is hope again

I send myself to you
Yes always and always
I send my love to you

Don't give up, your not thinking
Don't give up, just keep seeking
And I, I am for you
And I, I will love you
And I, I am for you
And I, I will save you

You found today, found today,
You found today, saw today...


Hi. ^_^

Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"

Hello, and welcome to Pairings That Make You Go, "WTF?"! It's a show where we take the most wierdest CRACK pairings and see what you, our readers think about them! I'm your hostess, NB. Today's wierd-ass pairing is from Naruto.
Iruka x Gaara
Excuse me? What what WHAAAA?!! That's very... O_o WTF indeed...

And that's our show for today! Place your vote in the comments box on what you think this pairing makes you think:

B) Eh.


I'm not one for going outside, but yesterday was an exception. You see, I'm like a vampire. I absolutely hate the sun. It was so hot when I went out, that I just decided to hang out under my trees in the yard and pet my cat, Gary. It was actually nice to get out and get some fresh air without having anyone bug you and have electroinics entertain you. It was peace and quiet for me... until I saw a white butterfly and decided to chase after it like a little kid. It got away, but it was okay. Things are meant to be free. If people could put rainbows in zoos, they'd do it (Calvin and Hobbes comic strip). It was nice though. I felt like I was 8 again. Goofing off and playing around... Where did those days go?


Back in 8th grade, I made hardly any black friends. I had only 3 friends who were African American, and I was confused. So one day I decided to talk to some black kids who were just standing around talking. Well, I said hi, and they just gave me this look. I was all, "Okaayy..." and walked away. I've noticed that a lot of the black kids over here hate me for no apparant reason. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against other races or colors, but I just don't know why they hate me!! I'm just trying to be nice, and they go bite my head off!! I'll never understand people...

New Avi

I change my avatar. <.< >.> Well? What are doing just reading his sentence? GO LOOK AT THE FUCKING AVATAR 83 IT IS TEH AWESOMENESS (hopefully)

Discussion Time!

NB: *looks at both Raito and L* Wow... Well, isn't this an awkward moment? Uh hehehehehe... ^^''

L: Raito-kun... D-do you... mean that...?

Raito: .......

NB: Raito?

L: Raito-kun?

Raito: I... I... *slaps L's hand away* No! I never meant it! Not one word!

NB: D8 *jaw drops to the floor in shock*

L: *is still calm but unimpressed* I see... *turns away* I'll be right back...

NB: L!! Wait!! Where the hell are you going?!!

L: *stands at the doorway but doesn't turn around* Out. To think. *shuts the door*


NB: *shakes with anger* Grrrr..... RAITO NO BAKA!!! *punches him over the head* WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!! YOU HAD HIM RIGHT IN YOUR GRASP!!

Raito: ......


Raito: *snaps* I said I DON'T KNOW!!

NB: *flinches and calms down* Sigh...

*they sit in silence for a few minutes on the floor*

NB: Still...

Raito: ?

NB: You didn't have to go and say all those things.

Raito: !

NB: I've never seen L look so... hurt...

Raito: I guess I did go a little too far...

NB: Then why the hell did you do that? You love him and you know it. You told him, that's true, but then you lied to him. That's what I'm wondering. WHY?

Raito: Because...

NB: *is waiting*

Raito: ...I was afraid...

NB: D8!! R-Raito...

Raito: *looks up at her* What?

NB: *slaps him over the back and starts to laugh* You... are such an IDIOT!! *laughs some more*

Raito: You find this FUNNY, NB?!!

NB: I-I'm sorry... *sniff* Anyway, what are you so afraid of? That he's not going to love you back?

Raito: *hesitates but nods*

NB: Haha, woooww... Who knew that a soon-to-be freshman would be lecturing a COLLEGE student? XD

Raito: ... *glares*

NB: Anyway, haven't you noticed?

Raito: Huh? Noticed what?

NB: *smiles* That L loves you too?

Raito: *stares at her, surprised*

NB: Yep, it's true. The way he looks at you, the way he talks to you, the way he smlies at you... A girl can tell, Raito. *grins*

Raito: How the hell can YOU tell? You don't even look like a girl! A boy is more like it.

NB: *deathglares and bites his shoulder* GRRRR!!! YOU'LL REGRET THAT, BASTARD!! *chews more*

Raito: Ow! OW!! Okay!! I'm sorry!! I'm sorry!! GET OFF!!

NB: *releases and licks her mouth* Mmm!! You have good tasting blood, Raito! ^_^

Raito: Huh? *looks at shoulder and sees that he's bleeding* WAAAAAH!!!

NB: *laughs maniacally and runs off*


*We see L sitting on a bench, under some Sakura trees, staring at the ground*

L: I thought he meant it... He said he loved me... but... *starts to sob a bit* Did he really mean all those harsh words...? *hugs his knees closer to his chest*

*Without any warning, L let the tears flow freely down to the ground*

Picture of the Day

L and Raito kittehs!! XD



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