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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sasuke's Birthday!!!!!!!
Today is very special!!! Guess. Give up? IT'S SASUKE'S BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!! HE IS THE SPECIAL ONE TODAY!!! *does the Sasuke-Happy Dance* Sasuke's birthday... he's 13... but he doesn't care... BUT WE DO!!! I forget everyone else's birthday except his... XP I suck, man! SO, we shall all make him happy because this is his day. And if it's anyone else's birthday today, Happy Birthday! ^_^ hERE IS ANOTHER little sketch I made, and it's JUST for Sasuke... My gift to you! ^_^ <3 Everyone: HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASUKE!!! Sasuke: Hn... Sakura: Her, Sasuke! *hands him a present* Ino: NO! Here! Take mine! *Sasuke just takes both of them* Sakura/Ino: Open them! Sasuke: sigh... *opens them only to find naked pictures of themselves* Sakura: Now you have something to stare at for a long time! Sasuke: heh heh heh... I'll burn these later... -_- NEXT! To make this short, since I am so DAMN lazy... Kakashi: a copy of Icha Icha Paradise Iruka: some ramen Tenten: her bra! (HUH?!?!) Neji: a pet bird Lee: a jumpsuit (eh?) Hinata: a scroll with some technique in it Gaara: a bottle of sand Sakura: Hey! Naruto! Where's your gift? Naruto: Heh heh... *walks up to Sasuke and kisses him* All: NANI?!!!! Sasuke: I would RATHER prefer his over all of yours actually... Sakura: WHAT?!!! I'm leaving! Everyone else: ME TOO!!! UNGRATEFUL BASTERD!!! *all slam the door* Sasuke/Naruto: Oh well... MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I RULE ALL!!! Okay, I wish I did, but I don't... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SASUKE!!!!
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