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Saturday, July 23, 2005

   ^_^ Thank You!!
Thank you very very very VERY much to all the really special people who helped me with the picture thing. Thank you... *has Itachi hug everyone* Going to The Used Concert then following weekend!!! YAY!!! If you want to find really cool, hilarious, TRANSLATED (that's right everyone, TRANSLATED) Naruto, Inuyasha or Rurouni Kenshin doujinshi, go to www.zettai-hentai.net. I'm not sure if you need the dash in it or not, but put it in just in case. BUT I WARN YOU!!! You MUST listen to me! Some of the content MIGHT be offnensive to SOME people, so enter with some caution please. The Naruto doujinshi is the only one that has an 18 and over section and a PG-13 section and under. I prefer the 18+ section though. They have more there. But the other one is really cute doujinshi. It5's not rayed 18+ for nothing. But it's so cool!! ^_^ WARNING ALL GUYS!!! You will not like the Naruto doujinshi cuz it's all yaoi! But they do have a KakashixSakura section. I've been going there for about a year now, and they put up some new ones. One of thye Naruto books- one of them is totally on CRACK. It is SO funny, that it might have the guys laughing too. MAYBE. It's yaoi, so I wouldn't know. So, for all of you fans of doujinshi, you have GOT to go to that site! They are also for sale. And TRUST me: NO NUDITY IS SHOWN!!! I'm not THAT perverted... But you have to be mature though! DUH... I sound like those damn raters... XP ANYWAY! Thanx to all those who helped!!! I luv you!!! XD
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