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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

   I'm Back! Bring Out the Red Carpet! FireWorks!
Ello! Since I'm going to my dad's this weekend, I can finally go on the internet w/out any timelimit!! He is so nice. By the way, here's a summary of a fanfiction that I've been working on. It's pretty funny so far, but let me now what you think! Warning The Naruto Challenges contain stunts performed either by proffesionals or under the supervision of proffesionals to assure the safety of animals and performers alike. Accordingly MTV and its producers must insist that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any of these stunts or activities performed on this show. (We didn't harm any animals making this show and you shouldn't either.) The Cast (sorta) Bam Margera- Naruto Ryan Dunn- Sasuke Raab Himself- Kiba Brandon Dicomillo- Gaara Rake Yohn- Neji Apprentices- Itachi (Glomb), Temari, Sakura, Shikamaru, Shino, Hinata People who tell them to stop before they get killed- Kakashi, Iruka, Kuranai Bands featured- The Used, My Chemical Romance, Slayer, Sum 41 Let us begin!!! SEASON 1!!! Episode 1- Pissing Kakashi Off (Note- since Bam and everyone is at least 20 years old, that's how old Naruto and all the kids are gonna be) *Naruto's skating on the ramp in his backyard until he reaches on top where the camera dude and his crew is* Naruto: *to the camera* No matter what we do to this place, Kakashi NEVER seems to get pissed off at us. So today, we're gonna play a lot of pranks on him and give him and Iruka a surprise they'll never forget. Sasuke: What are we going to? Naruto: *looks at him stupidly* I'll tell you when we get to it. *jumps off the halfpipe* Sasuke: ...What the hell does that mean? *meanwhile at the house* *All the guys walk in the back door* Naruto: KAKASHI!!! Kakashi: *looks behind him* hunh? Naruto: Can you come out to the backyard with us? Kakashi: Why? Naruto: So I can show you this badass trick I just learned! Kakashi: Where's Kiba and Neji? *Kiba and Neji are on top of the roof holding a bucket of boiling hot water, ready to pour it on Kakashi* Sasuke: They went to the store. Kakashi: >sigh< Fine... *They all walk out* Kakashi: Why'd we stop here? *Sasuke and Naruto pointed up grinning* Kakashi: *looks up* What're you two---? *Kiba and Neji dump both buckets on him* All: HAHAHAHA!!! Kakashi: *flinches then says calmly:* You guys are stupid.... *walks back in* All: o_o Gaara: What the hell just happened? Kiba: He didn't get mad! Neji: I thought it would work too.... Sasuke: Great. Now what? Naruto: *to the camera* Since that didn't work, we're going to have to go to drastic measures to piss him off. Sasuke: Dude, this is never gonna work... Please COMMENT on all my OTHER things too!!! See ya! ^_^ Happy 4th of July everyone!!!! Rock on!!!
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