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Monday, June 27, 2005

   Bands, Concerts, and Anime!!! What Could Be Better?
I'm bored. Like, relly REALLY bored. Has ANYBODY on here EVER heard of The Used?! I love them along with MCR so fricken' much!!! Don't they all just kick ass? In fact, in July, I'm going to go SEE The Used in Concert in San Diego. My dad's taking me. Hey, Did I ever tell you guys, that Sasuke and Naruto are MORE than just friends? OK, well, not in real life, but I can dream dammit! So sue me! (Don't really sue me, I have no money.) I'm still hoping people can comment on the SasuNaru skit I made on the 25. It's really funny for yaoi fans, but maybe offending for non-yaoi fans... Well, gotta go. I might not post for a while. That is, I MIGHT not. Later! ^_^ P.S. I'm getting my Naruto Headband today! Yay! This day just keeps getting better and better. P.P.S. I'm gonna write more skits, in case you want to read more. Bai bai!
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