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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Time: 8:45 PM
Song: Yokan
Artist: Dir En Grey
Feeling: Cheerful
Drinking: Coffee


Uwebe dake de ima mo
Kimi wo moteasonderu
Kimi wa nani mo kizukanu
MINUS ni kouru ai

Muguchi na kimi ni, muguchina ai de
Muguchi na fukai kan wo
Muguchi na boku ni, muguchi na ai de
Muguchi na kizuato

Juuhachi-nin me no kimi
Boku ni kizuite inai
Yasashisa ni urazuketa
Kouri tsuita kono ai wo

Shizuka na kimi ni, shizuka na ai de
Shizuka na kaikan koroshi
Shizuka na boku ni, shizuka na ai de
Shizuka na...

Kaerenai, kaereru ni muguchi na ai
Shizuka ni, shizuka ni karame au futari

Kokoro muguchi ni, kokoro shizuka de
Kokoro ni hamukete
Kokoro muguchi ni, kokoro shizuka de
Kokoro moteasonde mite mo

Itsu kara ka anata ni kizuite ita demo
Anata no soba ni ireru dake de ii no

Boku wa saigo ni kimi wo dakishimeta
Kore ga saigo ni naru to mo shirazu ni


Found You

I finally found her.

I finally found my older sister that I've been searching for the past 3 in a half years.

My dad gave me her cell phone number and when I called her, SHE SOUNDED SO DIFFERENT. OMG SRSLY. D: We started talking about stuff and how we've been. I guess she dropped out of high school (she just turned 18 last December) and she lives in SANTA CRUZ. WHERE MY DAD MY HOMETOWN AND THE BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD. *explodes in happiness*

She said she's doing fine and that Christian (my older brother) lives in Arizona. I think he's with his grandparents since they live there. But anyway, she said she's happy now that she's out of North Carolina, and that I should come down over the summer to visit. WHAT A STUPID SUGGESTION, OF COURSE I'M GOING TO GO!! 8D

I'm really happy now, guys.

I am REALLY fucking happy.

New Fanart


Plz look if you got the time. You don't have to comment this time or nuthin'. :]

King and Queen of Pop

Discussion Time

NB: Hey, the house looks spotless now! Thanks a lot guys!! You can take the uniforms off now. :3

Kaiba: Thank God... *slips out of maid uniform* So give me that card you promised me.

NB: What card?

Kaiba: That rare, super, all powerful card you told me that would help me beat Yugi!!

NB: Card... OH!! THAT CARD!! Yeah, I gave it away to some kid for a hundred bucks.

Kaiba: 8U WHUT

Bakura: So, Sam. you're really a boy, huh?

NB: For the last time YES!!

Bakura: Oh yeah? WELL EXPLAIN THIS!! *throws the pair of panties at NB*

NB: O__O Uhhh...

Bakura: HA!! YOUR SECRET HAS BEEN REVEALED!! *evil laughter*

Silence fills the room, and NB notices all of them staring at her with shocked expressions. She starts getting redder in the face by the embarrasment, but suddenly comes up with an idea.

NB: Oh, these? Haha! Silly Bakura! I just love to crossdress when I go out! ^__^

Bakura: Haha!! Hahaaa... *silence* WHAT.

NB: Yeah! Besides, these are easier to wear than boxers, you know? Comfortable too. 8D

Bakura: .............. Son of a bitch, are you serious?

NB: I am SO serious. 8]

Bakura: Uuuuuuh... my apologies then...

NB: Don't worry about it. ^^; *sighs with relief* I PREVAIL YET AGAIN. ONE DAY AT A TIME. *strikes a pose with sparkly shoujo effects around "him"*

Yugi: What's he talking about?

Ryou: I... don't think we would want to know...


Picture of the Day

*explodes from the cuteness*
Bleach: Hichigo, Ichigo, and their BABEH 8D

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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