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Saturday, April 14, 2007

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OMG, remember a looooong time ago when my friend Luz accidentally hit this one chick in her breast with her elbow on ACCIDENT?

Well, yesterday, we were walking out of the locker room to go to our PE class, and SPEAK OF THE DEVIL, she was right in front of us when we swung the door open. So, being the NICE and CONSIDERATE people we are, we let THEM go in first. And what did she do?

She screamed out "LESBOS" at us, but was I going to take that? No. So I screamed out, "WHORE" right back at her.

Luz and I both started laughing and walked out.

Dude, that incident happened, what, 3 months ago? Maybe MOAR? What a fucking little attention whore. GO BACK TO YOUR ABRECOMBIE AND FITCH YOU STUPID SLUT

New Fanart


DN: The Least I Can Do

Don't you hate it when people never pay attention to the things you work your ASS OFF on, yet they LOVE something as stupid as something you did in less that 3 hours coughDEVIANTARTcoughcough?



I was in fourth period yesterday, and my coolest guy friend named Christian sits right next to me, right? Well, we were learning this Homonyms and stuff, and one of them was Bi. Of course, everyone started talking about it, and WE ALL KNOW WHY :D

And then we have a short, but hilarious conversation.

Chris: Hey, aren't you bi?
Me: *nods*
Chris: *nods too* That's cool, cool.
Me: .... :\ Mmmhmm.
Chris: You know, I always wondered if I was bi, but then I think to myself... NAAAH 8D

He's so retarded. XD But that's why I loves him. :3

I wonder how he found out I was bi. I never told ANYONE, especially him, except for a few of my closest friends. O__O Then again, they say that OTHER BI PEOPLE can tell who ELSE IS BI. 8D

Discussion Time

Uuuuh... HEY, LOOK OVER THERE!! *runs away*

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Falling From Heaven

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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