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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Time: 11:08 AM
Song: What I've Done
Artist: Linkin Park
Feeling: Accomplished
Drinking: Coffee


Lyrics not yet available.



Artist Fact

Linkin Park is said to be coming out with a new album on May 15, 2007, titled Minutes To Midnight. Thier first single, just released, is called, "What I've Done".


I Got Shot

No, not a gunshot, but as in an HPV shot. Whatever the fuck that is... It's supossed to prevent cervical cancer or something, I think. But anyway, I had to get a shot in my arm yesterday and it was PAINFUL. My entire arm was numb, and it hurt like a mother... but it's gone now, so I feel better. =]

Linkin Park


Linkin Park- the band that's been gone for at least 100 years, IS COMING OUT WITH A NEW ALBUM!! 8D OMG NO WAI I am SO excited. My older sister and I LOVED them until they decided to "break up" and leave for 3-4 years. And now they're back. With a new SUPER SPECIAL AWESOME SONG!! )XD8 <---fangirlish emoticon I made up


New Theme ZOMG

Alright, first thing's first: If you don't like the song, TURN IT OFF. I don't wanna hear any bitching that you hate it or whatever. This song's too addicting and it fit my theme suprisingly damn well. O___O

But yeah, I told you I'd change it. XD It's Yugioh. I know. How LAME am I? Well, I still like the show, so... XP

If you dun like it, that's cool. Just don't say how much you hate it or whatever. =[ But I hope you guys DO like it, even just a little bit. ^^ It took me forever to find a good background. O__O

Besides, everytime I watched the show when I was little, all I saw were a bunch of gay guys playing card games. That's basically the whole anime in a nutshell. LOL

Discussion Time

NB: Heeeey, Ichigo!! Hichigo!!

Ichigo: What now?

NB: Your time with me is over. You can go back home now. :]

Ichigo: O____O

Hichigo: D8

Ichigo: You mean... we can get out of here? Like, right now? This very second?

NB: *nods* Yep!! Because everytime I change my theme, that means I have to switch characters!! And since my Bleach theme is over, you guys need to get the fuck out!! ^__^


Hichigo: *waves sadly at NB* I'LL MISS YOU, MY FUCKBUDDYYYYYYYY~!!

NB: ^__^ *waves* Bye bye!!

The door slams shut, and NB crashes on the couch.

NB: Let's see... *takes out a clipboard* Who do we have coming over? *runs down a list and crosses out Ichigo and Hichigo's names* Ah! Here we go!! ^^

The list reads as follows:

Next Visitors Arriving

Seto Kaiba
Yami Yugi/Atemu
Yugi Motou
Joey Wheeler
Yami Bakura
Ryou Bakura

NB: Holy crap, we got a full house on the way. O__O I guess they'll all be sleeping in my bed and I'll be on the couch tonight... When are they coming, anyway?

A knock is heard at the door.

NB: Oh, well speak of the devil!! ^__^ *skips to the door and opens it* Yes?

Ryou: Are you the one who invited all us over? *points to everyone in the back*

NB: *sparkly eyes* OMG IT'S THE BRITISH KID!! COME IN COME IN!! *shoves everyone in her house and locks the door*

Kaiba: Who talked me into this?

NB: Oookay!! Hey, guys, my name's NB, but just call me SAM. I'll be your guide through the next couple of months!! (I think...)

Kaiba: *stares at NB* I've got a question. Are you a boy or a girl?

NB: I'm a boy, thank you very much!! *lying* I just have some girl-like features and stuff.

Kaiba: *walks over and stares more at her, as if studying a book*

NB: Wha?

Kaiba: Mmmm... I think you're telling the truth. I dunno, I'm not going to touch a little kid to make sure.

Yugi: Ummm... Kaiba? He's only 14... that's not really little...

Kaiba: I'm 16. It doesn't matter.

Yugi: That's what I said...

NB: Siiiiiigh~ D|

Picture of the Day


*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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