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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Time: 10:00 AM
Song: I Wanna Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)
Artist: AFI
Drinking: Coffee


I may be ten years old but I still know what's up.
I wear my Cramps shirt almost every single day.
I want to sag my pants.
I want to pogo dance,
but Mom won't let me so I might just run away.

I wanna ride my skate.
I wanna stay out late.
I wanna mohawk but mom won't let me get one.
I wanna go to shows.
Don't wanna pierce my nose.
I wanna get a mohawk but mom won't let me get one.

I may be in fourth grade,
but I know what's going on.
I listen to the Misfits every single day.
Don't want to take a nap,
I want a TV tat,
but Mom won't let me so I might just disobey.

I wanna ride my skate.
I wanna stay out late.
I wanna mohawk but mom won't let me get one.
I wanna go to shows.
Don't wanna pierce my nose.
I wanna get a mohawk but mom won't let me get one.




Nothing has been happening, then again, stuff HAS been happening. It's been a weird week. O_o

Oh, yeah, yesterday at the grocery store, I saw a kid who was wearing a Happy Noodle Boy T-shirt. I was all, "OMGMUSTHAVESHIRT" D8 But he left. :[ Can you even get Happy Noodle Boy T-shirts anymore? O_O

Photobucket Account DED

Apparantly, all of my photobucket images are unusable. It seems that the "Bandwidth Exceeded" and if you use the code of any of my images anywhere, they won't show up. You can still see all of them on Photobucket, but they won't work anywhere else. So, I was forced to make a new account.


Of Apologies and Psychos

Yesterday in the locker rooms, Luz, Pam, and I were getting undressed at the end of PE, and Luz was taking off her shirt, right? Well, this one girl walked up behind her, trying to get through in our row, and Luz accidentally hit her in her left breast with her elbow. Luz said sorry and she did it AUTOMATICALLY, and what did this bitch do?

She went NUTS.

She was holding her breast acting like she had just been sexually molested. And then, to boot, she started screaming over and over again, "THAT BITCH JUST HIT ME IN MY TIT!! THAT FUCKING LESBIAN!! AUGH!! SHE HIT ME!! WHINEBITCHMOAN" Luz, Pam and I started to laugh at her FuckTardedNess. She was being a totaly drama whore, craving attention, and probably changed her story too, claiming that Luz did it on purpose when it was an ACCIDENT. The funny part was, she shopped at Hollister and Abrecombie and Fitch, AND she was a blonde (no offense to any blondies out thar :3).

When we were outside, Pam was all, "She's probably in there going, "AAAUGH!! MY PLASTIC SURGERY!! IT'S RUINED!! NOW ONE IS BIGGER THAN THE OTHER!!" Huh, guys?" XD

We all cracked up laughing, and found that little encounter hilarious. LOL

Moral of the story: Girls take shit too seriously nowadays.

Discussion Time

Last time, NB was being chased by Ichigo, who found her Bleach hentai collection!! DID SHE SURVIVE?!!

NB: *breathes for air* Good! I lost 'im!! Jesus CHRIST!! HICHIGO!! What's Carrottop so pissed off about?!!

Hichigo: Uh, well, while you were at school, he decided to go through all your personal and private files on your computer. He found your hentai and harcore yaoi of himself and others (me, specifically, kukuku...), aaaand came to the conclusion that-

NB: WAIT!! He... CAME to the conclusion?

Hichigo: That's... right, he came to the conclusion that-

NB: No, no, no!! He CAME to the conclusion? *smirks*

Hichigo: O.O .... OHHH!! LOL!! XDDDD


*after a few minutes of hysterical giggles*

NB: Hahaha- okay, what was the conclusion that he came to? XD

Hichigo: Haha! Haaa, his conclusion was that he was going to kill you. *wipes a tear from laughter*


Hichigo: YA RLY. :D

NB: NO WAAAAAI!! Well, his conclusion is going to fail, Hichigo, my friend.

Hichigo: Huh? Why? What are YOU gonna do? You don't have any shinigami powers, you ain't got no weapons, you-

NB: I'm not gonna fight him!! I'm gonna do something... better. X3 AND YOU'RE GONNA HELP ME!!

Hichigo: O___O I gotta a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach...

A few hours later...

Ichigo: *opens the door to the house* Ooooh, Saaaaaaam~!! Where aaaare youuuu? Huh?

Ichigo notices a trail of red rose petals leading into the hallway.

Ichigo: What the hell? *starts to follow the trail*

It leads into NB's room, and Ichigo smirks.

NB: Ssssh! Get ready Hichigo!! *clicks the camera for a flash sound, and hides in her closet*

Hichigo: *shifts to get comfortable on her bed* Yeah, yeah, yeah... :P

Ichigo: *slams the door open* HAHAHA!! I FOUND YOU, SAM!! NOW YOU SHALL- O__________O

Ichigo is shocked (and amused) to see Hichigo in a red, see-though, kinky shirt, pink panties (LOL I HAVE A PANTY FETISH), and looking hot with the most amazing, "Fuck Me" face EVAR. Not to mention all the rose petals on NB's bed. :3

Hichigo: Nah, Ichigo-sama... *pouts his lip and starts to blush slightly* Please... take me...

Ichigo: *blushes heavily* Gah... Gah... *nosebleeds* GAAAAAAAAAAH!!



Ichigo: *on the floor twitching, still bleeding*

NB: Thanks, Hichigo!! *hands him $20*

Hichigo: Yeah, no problem. Now... can you leave us alone?

NB: Huh?

Hichigo: I wanna have some fun with Ichigo-"sama" now... *smirks*

NB: O____O *blushes* Uhhh... SUREI'LLBEINMYOFFICEIFYOUNEEDME,BYE!! *slams the door shut* Now to go video tape, "Bleach Yaoi: THE KINKY VERSION" and sell on eBay again!! 8D

Picture of the Day

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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